Good Molecules Cleansing Bar Review


Time for a mini sample review ! This time it’s the Good Molecules Cleansing Bar . This came free from Beautylish with my Sugarpill lipstick .
This bar contains Cocoa , white birch extract , tea tree oil , salicylic acid and Kaolin Clay . What’s nice is the tea tree oil wasn’t very strong , so my skin didn’t dry out and the bar doesn’t really have a noticeable fragrance. The bat lathers really well on my face as well! I really only used this for 2 weeks ( maybe , the bar was very small ) but I really liked the feel of my skin. It helped keep my acne away as well along with all the other skin care things I’ve been doing . Overall I would recommend to those that need a light cleansing bar that isn’t harsh and is soap free . So far I think you can only get this particular bar at Beautylish or Good Molecules website . But I do plan on buying this again in the future . Let me know in the comments section if you’ve tried any of the other products from Good Molecules?



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