Seeth The Scaleless :Makeup Souls

It’s that time again ! After a bit of a break , playing Genshin Impact and doing other things , I decided to finally post my Seeth The Scaleless inspired look from Dark Souls !


My inspiration pictured above , is Seeth the Scaleless. He’s an iconic boss from the dark fantasy game , Dark Souls . Seeth was born without scales (in game dragon’s scales give them immortality) , he betrays the other dragons and side’s with Lord Gwyn and is given the title of Duke . He also managed to gain immortality from a Primordial Crystal after the defeat of the dragons and is also considered the grandfather of sorcery in the game . I liked this character as he also had a “mad scientist “ style storyline , going mad in his research and experiments while trying to gain immortality. And his color scheme and design is really , cool , being a pale, blind dragon , with like tentacles. Plus Crystal magic ! So sparkly ✨I find him a good mix of grotesque and pretty💕. For my eye look I used Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 ( the names worked with his theme ) and Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette .

  • Nyx White shadow primer
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 palette : shades used were Wicked ( light matte periwinkle blue ) Fury( matte colbolt blue ) Dream ( purple based blue ) Too Much ( pink shade) Rage( purple/ lavender duo in my V . For the silver I used a mix of Greed and Ambitious. These names all went well for Seeth the Scaleless.I do wish I remembered what I used for my bottom lids though.
  • Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette ;the silvery topper shade Opal Aurawas used on top of Greed and Ambitious, and Good Karma ( the light eggshell shade ) was used on my brow.
  • Nyx Epic liner
  • Rimmel Scadaleyes mascara
  • Sugarpill Melody on the cheeks
  • Fenty Unicorn Highlighter 
  • Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation
  • Too Faced Unicorn Tears on the lips 



Most of the inspiration was from his wings which I tried to recreate as a cut crease . With the silver being his body . I do wish I had a more pale blue/silver duochrome for the middle .

0D4D44F8-DB67-4EEA-88A2-014BF840E5BCI had recently toned my hair , so it’s a bit more of a silvery ash blonde . I felt like it went with my theme .  I do plan on doing more Dark Soul’s inspired makeup looks , as I do like the characters, aesthetic ( even it is a bit horrific lol) and it gives me ways to play around with my palettes .  So expect to see some eyelooks based on undead dragons , knight’s armors and other dark fantasy looks . Let me know in the comment’s section what you think and if you’ve ever played Dark Souls , or just happen to like Dark Fantasy as a genre.



9 thoughts on “Seeth The Scaleless :Makeup Souls

    1. I still haven’t finished it but I watch my fiancé play , and he’s pretty good . He can do soul level one runs occasionally. I do want to do my own run but I also have to finish some other games as well . I would recommend if you want a challenge and want some cryptic lore . Alot of the lore is actually presented in items and dialogue, so you can have to piece it together .

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