Glamlite Concha Highlighter Review

IMG_6513 (2)And now my other wishlist item! The concha highlighter!  It’s one of my favorite Mexican pan dulce’s so I knew I needed to have it in makeup form. Plus I’ve recently gotten the courage to play around with highlighters more. And this looks to be a shimmer that I don’t have. Plus adorable packaging. So let’s check out the packaging.

IMG_6514 (2)

IMG_6518 (3)

IMG_6517 (2)

I love the Concha shaped compact! It’s one of my favorite makeup items at the moment !

IMG_6527 (2)

IMG_6521 (2)

IMG_6531 (2)

As you can see from the pan and swatch this is very nice shimmery pink and silvery lilac. it’s very cool toned but I think would still look nice on a variety of skin tones. I’ve used this a few times since I bought it in January , sometimes on my cheeks and other times on my brow or nose. I like that a little goes a long way.

And finally a look with the highlighter. I went a bit crazy with it, as I have it on my nose and my brows too, although I couldn’t get a good picture of my brow. For blush I used Sugarpill’s Melody and on the eyes I decided to go for a spiced Hot Chocolate theme , as Concha’s pair well with hot chocolate, specifically Mexican Hot Chocolate. The spices really pair well , if you ever wanted to try it.



I’ve been embracing the blonde roots and lighter pink hair . Well I don’t have too much to say about the Concha highlighter , except if you want a beautiful shimmer that you can see right away this is your highlighter. Sure you can sheer it out and a little goes a long way. But I think I like how in your face it is . It’s definitely there and it comes in an easy to bring along adorable concha compact. Let me know what you think about the Glamlite concha and if you ever tried any other Glamlite products ?

IMG_1128 (2)



8 thoughts on “Glamlite Concha Highlighter Review

  1. Hi lady! You’ve got great taste! I don’t wear makeup much but I love your choices. BTW- did you see that Urban Decay is coming out with a Prince set? I love the colors and am considering ordering it.
    Have a nice day!

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    1. Ooh yeah I saw the Prince palette and collection. It’s just missing a purple and raspberry colored lipstick 💕 And thanks ! I try lol and glad you like it ✨


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