Blonde and pink hair ! Plus Fruit Bat 🦇 eye look

Hey everyone ! I’ve been meaning to post pics , since my birthday I was gifted three palettes. So I’ve been playing around with Juvia’s Place The Wahala 2 and Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes palettes . I’ve been mixing and matching palettes and I recently bleached my roots . I usually just tone and add dye (unless it’s blue which usually needs even more toning), but I decided to do a blonde and pink ombré look.
Now for products details :

  • Nyx white shadow base
  • Too Faced Glitter Glue 
  • Wahala 2 palette : Yab (nude coral pink) in the crease and blended into the brow, Wasted (bright orange matte ) blended into my V , and Too Much ( matte bright pink) blended into my lid and into Wasted and Yab.  ASAP ( dark matte wine) was used to smoke out the bottom of my eyes .
  • Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette , after putting glitter glue over the matte pink shade , I used Tiger’s Eye (rosy golden shimmer) on top, and Vibes( pink toned silver shimmer ) in the inner corner. Good Karma ( eggshell matte) was used on the brow , and I didn’t like it so I used Antidote ( matte peach neutral) on top of that . 
  • Nyx Epic Liner for the batwings
  • Milk Kush Mascara 
  • Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in Vanille
  • Sugarpill Retrograde blush ( from Orange Capsule)
  • Sugarpill Elevate highlighter shimmer (also from Orange Capsule)
  • And an LA Colors lipgloss ( no name ) 

And now the look :



One picture with no flash and one with the flash . My batwings could’ve been sharper , but I was really happy with how shimmery Tiger’s Eye is . It’s a great topper along with Vibes which looks a bit more pink in the pictures . And now for the full face look . My blonde looks a bit more warm , but this I kind of liked the warmth with my pink streaks . Oh I meant to say I used iroiro Neon pink diluted in conditioner over my faded arctic fox pink.



So far I’ve been loving both palettes, but I want to play around with the colors more before I do a full review . Plus I have a third mystery palette to review too . As for the blonde , I think I’ll keep it until some of my roots grow back in , then I’ll go back to neon pink.



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