Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free Natural Skin Perfector SPF 20 in 1N2 Vanille Review

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Finally , I’ve been meaning to post this . I recently received a free Vox Box from Influenster and Laura Mercier in exchange for my honest review . This box included two items , the Blurring Primer and Oil free Tinted Moisturizer. The shade they sent me was a bit too light and had a sort of pink undertone , even though it’s meant to be more neutral . I did get this to work for me . But I do look a bit lighter than normal . Well let’s go ahead and check out the packaging and the shade .

IMG_1053 (2)

One side is the Primer and the other is the Tinted Moisturizer . This version of Laura Mercier’s Moisturizer has 20 SPF and does have a nice sunscreen smell to it . I’ve used it a few times going out and it does seem to protect my skin . Of course I usually only go out during the late afternoons and evenings . So I didn’t really test it out during super peak sun . Mainly because I just don’t like being super hot, but it seemed to stay on and only got oily near the end of the day . That could also be because I have oily skin though.

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The top of the packaging did get a little damaged during shipping but the actual product was fine . Oh and I meant to specify both the primer and the moisturizer are full size products ! So I’ll definitely be using these for the summer .



For my first time wearing the product I used my concealer since I had some issues with acne spots , and a damp Beauty Blender to apply product . I did look a bit more pale than my normal foundation , and in real life I noticed a slight pink undertone . It seems to kind of tone down when I add other products or it oxidizes . It’s not super noticeable but I will be using concealer and if I buy this product in the future I will go in to get a better shade match . So now for pictures! Some are reposts from other product reviews , but I did try to use this often for the review.


The Gothy look with Sugarpill Zero and Wahala 2 multichrome Fake .

lauramer2 (2)

lauramer3 (3)

These looks were done with Urban Decay Stoned Vibes and Wahala 2 as well as Sugarpill Funsize palette .

and Blonde roots ! I decided to go for a beachy blonde look with some batwings . Post coming up for this look.


Well that’s all for now . Let me know in the comments on what you think of Laura Mercier products and if you’ve tried this tint before. I did forget in my last post to mention that the primer is a silicone free product. Have a good weekend everyone 😊🦄.

2 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free Natural Skin Perfector SPF 20 in 1N2 Vanille Review

    1. Glad you like it . I do like some of my other foundations a bit better but this was my first moisturizing tint and I think it does a good job . I do want to later try the Fenty moisturizing tint as well .

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