Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer-Blurring Review

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Influenster Vox Box time ! Today’s product is Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring primer . I got both this item and a moisturizing tint for free from Influenster and Laura Mercier in exchange for my honest review .
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I was honestly pretty excited to try this but I wanted to use this for almost two weeks to see how well it worked . I will have a separate review up for the Tinted Moisturizer later .

The packaging for this is very simple , and the primer comes in a squeeze tube.


I found when I used this primer I had to use a bit more than the dime sized portion they recommended. Also when this primer dries down it has an almost powder like feel to it . I didn’t really have to worry about letting the primer set on my face like my Nyx Marshmallow primer or the ELF Jelly Pop primer . So as soon I used this I followed up with the tinted moisturizer . It does give a nice even application for makeup . And it’s definitely good for those with oily skin or those who want a more matte finish . I do think I like to rotate my primers for days I want a more dewy finish . I didn’t notice too much about pore blurring but I do have texture skin , plus I’ve been using moisturizer at night so my skin has been a little smoother and better . So it definitely might work for that but it wasn’t something that I really noticed on myself . I do think it works well with the Laura Mercier Moisturizer , but might be a bit too dry for the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation . I do want to try out the Fenty Tinted Moisturizer , so I’ll probably use this with it as well . Overall it’s a good matte primer , that keeps oil at bay and works well with this particular Tinted moisturizer .

And here’s a pic ! The color they sent me for the Moisturizer was a bit lighter than my normal shade , but I was able to work with it . I’ll go over that in my next review . So let me know what you think of Laura Mercier products.


4 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer-Blurring Review

    1. So I liked this primer for the moisturizing tint , as it worked well with the product. But for my BeautyBlender foundation and my regular powder , I use either Elf or Nyx Marshmallow primer . I do think this one works well with tint for a matte finish , but it felt too dry for my other foundations .

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