Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Zero Review

IMG_1066 (2)So I’ve been wanting a new black lipstick for a while , but couldn’t decide on what brand or formula I wanted. At first I wanted to try Fenty’s F’n Black , but it was sold out . Then Beauty Bakerie Midnight Truffle, but it was also sold out . How about Sugarpill Zero ? Well that was also sold out as well . Except on Beautylish where I got this on sale for $9 . I was so happy to finally have a nice black matte black . 

As usual the packaging is very cute ! 

It was still wet when I applied this on my arm . But it dries down a nice matte black . It did take forever to remove though with coconut oil and shampoo . Of course on your lips you can use coconut oil and a sugar scrub to remove the color. Also I forgot to mention the smell of this lipstick is like lemonade candy ! I love it 💕 Vertigo (the first Sugarpill Lipstick I tried ) also smells like lemonade 🍋. 
And now for the look . I actually used this same look for the Jarritos review , and chose a multichrome shadow from Wahala 2 for the eyes . Also kind embraced the goth look as my tinted moisturizer was a bit lighter than what I normally wear . 

IMG_1080 (3)

This is a really comfortable liquid lip , on par with Jeffree Star . It doesn’t dry out my lips and smudges very little depending on what you eat or drink . Plus I feel this an awesome matte black . It doesn’t lean too warm or cool but looks just right . I really wish I would’ve had this when I was teen . 

569bf994-7357-4817-bb6b-6edf7ec35d75 (2)

So overall I would recommend to those who want a nice solid comfortable black lipstick . It’s easy to apply , doesn’t smudge , and looks super mysterious. I think this particular black would flatter many skin tones and would make a nice statement shade . So let me inow what you think about Sugarpill lipsticks , or black lipstick in general .


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