China Glaze Nail Lacquer In the Limelight Review


hey everyone ! I decided to update nail polish collection a bit . I mostly had some pastel blues , pinks, and mint green . But I wanted replace my lime alien green shade that recently dried up . I think the original one was Pure Ice brand , but I do like China Glaze as well . This color is actually a lot more intense than my Pure Ice green , but matte instead of glossy. I do usually prefer a glossy finish , but this is nice too. It did need 3 coats though, but it dries really fast .



So this is inside , with my lights and flash . It’s a very vibrant bright matte neon green . I did notice some streakiness , but I was able to cover them with another coat . Also I’ll be honest I’m really messy when painting my nails . So there is a bit of paint on my sides . 😂Sorry everyone . But I did like how nice it looked outside in the natural lighting . Well I added a bit of flash as it was a bit overcast .


Sadly near the end of this post , my nail polish chipped kind of bad . I was pretty sad about it to be honest as I really love this shade of neon lime green . I really thought I found my go to spring/summer shade but this didn’t really have good staying power. I’ll try wearing a clear coat over it next . So thats all for now . Let me know your recommendations for a similar color that doesn’t really chip .✨💚


13 thoughts on “China Glaze Nail Lacquer In the Limelight Review

  1. That shade is bomb. Definitely always use a top coat. Chipping is why I switched to polygel. Polygel has a learning curve for sure but I love it. Get a good top coat ( I’ve heard great things about Chanel’s Le Top Coat but I haven’t tried it for myself just might want to check it out) and keep that color because it’s gorgeous. Perfect for summer.

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      1. I love Polygel. But you could also try dip powder. Again, there’s a learning curve but it will not chip. Plus there are tons of YouTube videos. Dip powder is cool because there is no UV light involved. It might be a hassle unless you just love DIY nails like I do. Otherwise, if you like to have a quick nail job, stick with polish.

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