China Glaze Nail Lacquer In the Limelight Review


hey everyone ! I decided to update nail polish collection a bit . I mostly had some pastel blues , pinks, and mint green . But I wanted replace my lime alien green shade that recently dried up . I think the original one was Pure Ice brand , but I do like China Glaze as well . This color is actually a lot more intense than my Pure Ice green , but matte instead of glossy. I do usually prefer a glossy finish , but this is nice too. It did need 3 coats though, but it dries really fast .



So this is inside , with my lights and flash . It’s a very vibrant bright matte neon green . I did notice some streakiness , but I was able to cover them with another coat . Also I’ll be honest I’m really messy when painting my nails . So there is a bit of paint on my sides . 😂Sorry everyone . But I did like how nice it looked outside in the natural lighting . Well I added a bit of flash as it was a bit overcast .


Sadly near the end of this post , my nail polish chipped kind of bad . I was pretty sad about it to be honest as I really love this shade of neon lime green . I really thought I found my go to spring/summer shade but this didn’t really have good staying power. I’ll try wearing a clear coat over it next . So thats all for now . Let me know your recommendations for a similar color that doesn’t really chip .✨💚



15 thoughts on “China Glaze Nail Lacquer In the Limelight Review

  1. That shade is bomb. Definitely always use a top coat. Chipping is why I switched to polygel. Polygel has a learning curve for sure but I love it. Get a good top coat ( I’ve heard great things about Chanel’s Le Top Coat but I haven’t tried it for myself just might want to check it out) and keep that color because it’s gorgeous. Perfect for summer.

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      1. I love Polygel. But you could also try dip powder. Again, there’s a learning curve but it will not chip. Plus there are tons of YouTube videos. Dip powder is cool because there is no UV light involved. It might be a hassle unless you just love DIY nails like I do. Otherwise, if you like to have a quick nail job, stick with polish.

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    1. Base coat is the key to manicure longevity, far more than top coat. Base coat is what gets the polish to stick to the surface. If you don’t use one, or you use one of poor quality, your polish will break away with ease, even if you use top coat.

      Never do a manicure without base coat. Ever. Not only will your manicure last longer with it, but the base coat will also prevent nail staining–always a danger these days with dark colors, or any pigment-rich color. Ever since Chanel’s Vamp and Rouge Noir, polishes have a ton more dye in them than what came before them. The more intense colors give us beautiful manicures, but will yellow the nail below.

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