EOS Holiday pack

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  • Finally used all of these! I wanted to review them earlier , but I wanted to make sure I tried every flavor in this package, well with the exception of the whipped vanilla frost flavor. That one was included in the strawberry holiday pack that I reviewed earlier . You can find that review here. So which flavors do we get ? 
    Whipped Vanilla Frost : it’s a very cupcakey flavored balm , also very smooth as well .
  • Cherry and Bright: This one is really nice , reminds me of a cherry Icee drink.
  • Cotton Candy Snow : it’s very cotton candy-like but I did get tired of it half way through .it’s okay but I wish they swapped it with a more cinnamony or spicy holiday flavor.

Caramel Brulée Sleigh: I actually really liked this one and it’s my favorite flavor next to the cherry . It reminds me of flan or pudding.

IMG_6300 (2)As with all the EOS shea balms , these are very smooth and leave your lips super soft.  I did feel like this set needed a spicy orange, apple cider , or chocolate flavor though to be a bit more Christmasy, as I don’t usually think of Cotton Candy for holidays. But that’s just a personal preference. These lip balms were great for keeping my lips hydrated and smooth. I did find these at Target , and you may be able to fond these online . So if any of these flavors appeal to you and you need a long lasting pack of balms , these may be for you. 

I don’t really have much more to add , so I’l keep this short .Let me know in the comments section about which lip balm flavors you would like to see in the future. I definitely want a dark chocolate orange flavor🍫🍊.



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