Nyx Marshmellow Primer Review


I kept hearing about this primer online , and I even looked for it at my local CVS, Target and Walgreens , but sadly they were always out of stock . Same with Ulta . Ugh why was this primer so popular . So I finally decided to order it on Amazon , and was pleasantly surprised when I received not just one but three primers. I guess there’s some sort of deal where you can get three for the price of two. I’ve been wearing this for almost a weekk with my Beauty Blender Bounce foundation and numerous other blushes and highlighters . So let’s see how is stacks up compared to other primer’s I’ve used before . Also a note , I’m relatively new to face primers and have only used samples of the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing primer ( it was just okay) , Milk Hydro primer ( which I loved ) and a full size ELF Jelly Pop primer (review coming soon).
First off the smell is very nice , I know some might not like the scent , but I liked that it smelled like a mix of marshmallows, candy and tan lotion. It’s also got a creamy lotion like feel to the actual primer , not too greasy , but more so than say the Jelly Pop primer. It also took a little longer to absorb in my face than both the Jelly Pop or Milk Hydro . But I used my time waiting , to do my eyes makeup , and check my discord. Afterwards I touched my face and noticed it had a nice tacky or sticky feel . Hopefully this will be good for holding onto makeup . I started doing my foundation , concealer, blush and highlighter .

8DAE5EE7-9C5F-4527-B097-CD5BE242AC9FNo makeup look  with just the primer.

makeup look and first time using the primer, it lasted a good 8 hours this day . I’ve not left it on for 16 hours as thats usually too long for me to wear face makeup all day , and I usually just stay home . But I liked that it gave my make a nice natural look to it and made my face softer. I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to play nicely with my setting powder and I have to use less powder on my face . It’s like the powder separates with this primer as opposed to Milk Hydro or the Jelly Pop primer. But I do like how the finish is very natural , and slightly dewey . Plus I’ve noticed that I’ve been using less foundation and product when using this primer . 


Here’s an up close picture of my face. I do have natural texture , and a bit of redness . My face was also a bit drier due to using acne creams and going out to the desert. Next time I due that I may use a better sunscreen . I honestly didn’t start seeing results until 2 days after , I noticed my face was actually a lot softer than it was and some of the redness has gone away. I think it may be due to the marshmallow root extract . My most recent day’s using this primer , I’ve noticed my makeup staying on longer and also I’m using a little less foundation . On the official Nyx Cosmetics website and promo pictures it does say it can soften skin and make it look smoother in 4 days . Which is very interesting as it’s obviously a skin product that takes repeated use to see results.


and again for this look .

59C24429-F58F-4BC3-9137-4C164B9CCDA8 And here’s my no makeup face now ! A lot less redness ( although there is still some scar spots . 
42AF60CE-B1D9-44AE-AC0C-49D6B3A1F391 here I used a different lighting , but you can see it smoothed out my face a bit.

7420ED21-0F5C-465F-8BBC-49987D47264D And finally with makeup . 

I do like this primer but I do think it’s not for everyone . I feel like if you use a light foundation (beautyblender, nude stix , or milk makeup sticks ) this might be a good primer for you . It does soften skin , the results of course are seen over time and repeated use. Also it can be finicky with powders, so I’ve found myself using the setting powder more sparingly. As for the finish, I noticed I had a slight dewy look but not overly oily . It wasn’t bad and kind of nice for a more natural look . The max I’ve worn this was about 10 hours , but I feel like if you’re using a light foundation you could stretch it out for longer wear time. Also this primer in addition to making my skin softer and some of my scars less noticeable, didn’t break my face out 💕 So I was super happy about that . Let me know in the comment’s section what you think or if you have any other questions about this product. ✨🦄



10 thoughts on “Nyx Marshmellow Primer Review

  1. This looks promising…I am not a primer person but lately have started liking it. I have milia prone skin (dry skin)…So I avoid heavy products… but as you said there was no breakouts let’s see if it will work for me

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    1. I will also have one more primer review , which I will start wearing next week . It’s the ELF Jelly pop primer . I’ve had good luck with Milk Hydro primer , as it’s lightweight and sticky too .

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  2. I don’t usually wear primer because I have very oily skin and it just makes everything worse. But I’m tempted to wear it to smooth out my skin. The last primer I tried was by Pretty Vulgar, but it burned a little and I didn’t like it. I like NYX products lately. They are affordable and pretty good quality. Your hair looks great in the last pic, very vibrant pink!!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I had to do a redye , since it had been so faded . Yeah this was really good for making my face smooth and there definitely isn’t any burning sensation. I do have one other primer to test out and thats the ELF Jellypop primer. It’s supposed to be closest to the Milk Hydro , which I liked alot . Milk Hydro is good if you just want a sticky grippy primer without and oily or greasiness.


  3. There is an obvious improvement in your complexion in your photos with continued use of this primer. I had no clue marshmallow extract treats acne. Definitely a thumbs up for me on this primer😎👍✨

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