Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter


So now on to the rest of the Maybelline reviews . This time it’s for the Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold . I was also pretty excited to use this product , but like the mascara , was kind of a letdown . Oh and yes this was a free product from Influenster and Maybelline , sent out in the Reviewer’s choice vox box . It was sent out complimentary in exchange for my honest review .
Okay now that the disclaimer is out of the way lets’s check out the highlighter.


It’s a nice subtle shimmer , and this is with more a blue lighting.


Warm lighting , and you can see the gold a bit better . It’s definitely a subtle highlighter , probably good for natural shimmer looks.

And now the face pics . I shared a few on IG and for my Maybelline Mascara review , but this was a better pic showing off the highlighter.


It was a bit hard to show up on my face , so I had to add more with my fan brush. Unfortunately after this picture was taken my skin started breaking out 😅😢 Specifically where the highlighter was , and it looked like small allergy bumps . So yeah I quickly washed my face and have not used this highlighter since . That day just wasn’t my day for reviewing products as the mascara was spidery, my blending eggs failed me , and then the highlighter was giving me some problems too . Overall I would caution those with sensitive skin with this product. It’ good for subtle natural highlights , not necessarily strobing but it also might cause an allergic reaction if you’re like me . So yeah I’ll be using my other highlighters instead . Which I need to review my Concha Highlighter soon , as I use that the most ✨ Let me know what you’re favorite highlighter is in the comments section ✨🦄


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter

  1. You look good, even though the highlighter didn’t work out. I think my favorite is Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm. I have it in liquid, but the liquid one doesn’t blend very well and is too bright, so I prefer the powder. It’s the only highlighter that doesn’t fade on my skin. For some reason all others just seem to brush off within a few minutes.

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    1. Hmm . So Far I really like Glamlite’s highlighters , which I have one that I do need to review . But I’ll have to check out Mary Lou Manizer. I’ve never tried a liquid but sounds intersting.


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