Beauty Bakerie Blending Egg Review


Hey everyone ! I have been trying to play catch up with all my reviews and products , a lot has happened. I received three Influester boxes, my dog shredded my Bio Pure Beauty Blender , and in a panic I ordered these on Amazon. They’re the Beauty Bakerie brand blending eggs ,and they had some good reviews on both Influester, Amazon and a few other sites. They claim to be non latex and super soft. Plus the packaging is super cute and makes me think of Easter . I’m also super susceptible to cute packaging. So let’s see how these are.

IMG_0547 (2)

The egg crate look is adorable !

IMG_0555 (2)

And you gotta love the nice pink and turquoise colored eggs. Very cute ! When I did unwrap these I noticed they were a bit firmer than my Bio Pure BeautyBlender, it made me wonder how well this would work. So I went ahead and soaked it in some water.


Here’s a the damp blender next to a dry one. It was huge! But sadly I was not too impressed with the application with this blender. It felt very stiff and kind of rubbery, like a normal sponge vs the softness of the Bio Pure BeautyBlender. I was so let down 😦 I do have pics but they are in my Maybelline Mascara and Highlighter reviews. So you can check those out when they get posted. But it took quite a bit more pumps of my foundation to apply with this blender, and I felt like it was smearing it around more even though I was using the bounce technique. Plus it did not blend in my blush like the other blender did. So I actually had to get the small piece of the shredded blender to really buff out my blush. And now the worst part about this whole thing , when I washed the egg for the first time (hygiene is important with foundation tools), I noticed the sponge was cracking pretty badly. I forgot to take pics of the cracks , as I was working on another review, but wow! So I notified Amazon and got a refund, since these were $20. I know it may seem petty but I really didn’t like having cracks or tears on a new blender that takes too much product. Also before sending these back to Amazon, the egg itself took 3 days to really dry back down and return to it’s smaller shape. Not really sure what was up with these things, but I’m sad to say I would not recommend them . Even if they are super cute, but who knows maybe someone who needs a firmer blender will like these. Let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are. I do still want to try some of the other Beauty Bakerie products such as their lipsticks , so let me know if you’ve ever tried them out.



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