Beauty Blender Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder Review

*This product was sent to me through Influenster and Beautyblender complimentary in exchange for my honest review.

Finally I can write this review , I really wanted to show off the BeautyBlender box and this new product . This of course being the Gemstone setting powder . I’ve been using it with my foundation , but I couldn’t say anything about it as it wasn’t released last month so I had to wait till March to talk about it . Alrighty let’s talk about the setting powder.

IMG_0233 (2)

IMG_0236 (2)

So according to BeautyBlender this setting powder has Rose Quartz , some crushed freshwater pearls , hyaluronic acid , some mica and aloe . There’s other stuff too and supposedly some ruby too . I’m honestly not sure about all those ingredients as I’m not 100 percent on board with crystals and pearls doing a lot in makeup . But I think the pearls are in there to reflect light, either way I’ll review based on my experience.
This formula comes in 4 tones with Canary being the brightening powder and the one I was sent is buff which is a light shade . It’s very sheer and I used my big fluffy brush to apply . I may one day invest in a powder puff to see if it applies better that way , but for now I had good results with the big fluffy brush .
I did like how it keeps my makeup looking fresh , keep shine at bay without looking cakey. And also a little goes a long way . The mesh on the powder is a bit weird and I just sprinkled some powder inside the lid to get more product on my brush. Overall I thought it was a solid setting powder , it honestly reminded me of the Smashbox Photofinish powder that I used to use a long time ago. I think I was wearing Too Faced foundation too . Wow that was a long time .

IMG_0721 (2) The little shimmer that’s showing up is actually from my Wet n Wild Pac-Man blushlighter.




I tried to get different angles. I was trying to go for more of a natural-ish face look , so just blushlighter and foundation, but crazy eyes lol 

Now on to the price , it’s $32 at Sephora currently , which may be a bit high, but since I haven’t used a ton of product that may be okay as it does remind me of the Smashbox finishing powder . I may buy again when I run out , but I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for alternatives too . Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any questions about the Gemstone setting powder 💎.


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