Spanish Shawl Nudibranch Look

Today’s look is actually one I’ve had planned for a while . I read beauty article on the internet a few years ago that you should only use colors on tour face that are found in nature . So I decided to do just that when I was looking on google for some interesting color combinations . And behold I found my inspiration !

3C223A5C-2910-4CED-B5FE-ECF4D9F02244The Spanish Shawl Nudibranch! Look at those amazing colors ! I feel like this really speaks to me , with the nice neon Cerata . I’ll add some more links for info on Nudibranch (nudus latin for naked, brankhia which is greek for gills ) . I do love little gastropods like this as they’re usually very colorful and fantastical . Like an undersea unicorn 🦄


IMG_0658 (2)
I had this planned for a while and decided I would attempt to do the colors with the shadows in my current collection . The hardest to find was the bright reddish orange shade , I have many shades of orange but nothing as bright as the Spanish Shaw’s cerata . So I mixed Juvia’s Place’s Fire (Wahala ) and Sugarpill’s Game Over (Funsize) in my crease area . This looked pretty intense and dependong on the lighting was super vibrant . Then I noticed shades of dark purple near the orange , that fades into a brighter purple and then that lovely neon cobalt blue color . So for this I added extra white shadow base over my eye and near the orange as I didn’t want the colors to go muddy . I used a dark matte purple (Spice of life from Pumpkin Spice palette) and the darker purple matte from the Nubian Royal palette . I then tried using Chaos from the Urban Decay palette for the blue , but it looked too dark so I added in Macaw (Bird of Paradise palette) to kind of brighten it up a bit. Afterwards I added the bright lilac(Nubian Royal)for the middle of my eye and Hot Tropic(Birds of Paradise)on top of that. 815A197D-4CB0-43D6-83F0-126393645FC2

IMG_0660 (2)
During my time writing this article I spent sometime reading about Spanish Shawl nudibranch, learning about rhinophore( the antenna like horns on their head, and even found out that the cerata on top are poisonous. I guess they steal poison from jellyfish . Pretty interesting , plus they can be found in tide pools in California. Plus on IG I’m asking around to see if anyone want’s to do a Nature is Bold challenge, to see what cool eye combos inspired by nature can look like . As there are many beautiful, strange and bright phenomena found in nature . If you would like to participate on wordpress let me know and just tag my site and tag #Natureisbold . Or let me know on IG @aqua_dementia.  And here’s some interesting articles I found about Nudibranch and Spanish Shawls.



16 thoughts on “Spanish Shawl Nudibranch Look

  1. This is such a beautiful eye look..and you have done the full justice loved it..and also thanks for the idea..I do get intrigued by nature and may be can see if I can find some really good inspiration.this is a great idea

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      1. I can totally understand even I was undergoing under complete block for makeup and even for hobbies..I don’t want to copy anyone and we are not always in inspirational mind..but this idea of yours has open up the door for me to explore for both makeup and art n craft

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