Some Sugarpill and Juvia’s Place looks

So for most of December I spent my time baking , and playing Terraria( I may review this game ). I’m currently trying to finish Terraria on my Nintendo Switch , but in between those sessions I did some eye looks . Both of these looks used Sugarpill Capsule palettes , and either the Juvia’s Place Nubian Royal or Violet minis. First look I only have the eye and not the full face , but I loved how it turned out.

5E31800D-84C5-4C17-87E9-63DC489D1E24I used Juvia’s Place Royal Nubian light lilac matte for brow, bright purple for the crease , and the darker matte purple for the V . Afterwards I decided to use Skyrise ( the intense blue shimmer) from the Sugarpill Orange capsule . I thought it needed a more light blue for the inner eye , so I used Cloud 9( the lighter aqua shimmer) and finished up with a purple to line the bottom of my eyes . I got a few people looking at my eyes when I went out to run errands . I was wearing a mask too so maybe they didn’t expect the shifty colors lol . 


My next look is this Moonlit Purple . I used Sugarpill’s Glory ( the light dusty pink ) on my browbone , Slowdive (colbolt blue) in my V and blended it into Glory . Then used a bit of white base for the middle of my eyes . I then added the metallic pink based purple from Juvia’s Place Mini Violets , and Dreamstate (peach/pink shimmer shade) from the pink Capsule . It’s a pretty shifty color and I thought would pair nicely with the pink toned purple . 

f7a4196c-a434-4322-9db5-9fcbc13c9ba3 (2)

And I have a full face pic here . I tried to mix Too Faced’s Chihuahua with Loreal’s Ballet Shoes on my lips . It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted but at least it doesn’t compete with my eyes. Also I’ll be sad when my Milk Kush Mascara runs out 😥It’s become one of my favorite mascaras . Well thats all for now . I was happy to play around with the Sugarpill Capsules and the Juvia’s Place palettes . They both compliment each other very well . Have a good rest of the week everyone . I hope to have the Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Warm and Spicy palette later this week as well .



20 thoughts on “Some Sugarpill and Juvia’s Place looks

  1. These looks came out great! The colors are so pretty and they blend together, but you can still see each shade. I’ve got to learn how to do that! I just got Juvia’s The Nubian Royal. I like every shade except the pressed glitter (I don’t like pressed glitters because they get everywhere and are so hard to remove) I haven’t tried the shadows yet, but I’m excited to.

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    1. Oh wow thanks ! I’ve been trying to practice my blending more recently . I love the Nubian Royal , I think it’s a great purple palette and definitely one of my favorite palettes from last year. I liked the pressed glitter , but I don’t always wear it unless I use a glitter glue and I usually remove it with some tape . It’s a super easy way to not get glitter everywhere . But I understand why people have issues with glitter .


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