Smashbox Always On Waterproof 24-hour Liquid Liner Review

So I meant to write this review a little earlier but the first liner I received was super dried out and could barely make a thin line. So I called Smashbox and they sent me one that’s a lot fresher and works.Well kind of.

IMG_5706 (2)

IMG_5710 (2)


IMG_5715 (2)

As you can see it’s got an interesting shape, but the liner tip is very sharp and makes some nice lines. The cap is a little strange to me as it’s angled. The ink inside is very dark and a matte black. The big drawback for me is ,even with the second liner, the ink was kind of dry. It takes a few swipes on my eyes to really get a nice line. doing short lines were okay but to do a nice longer wing , this liner kind of was a let down.

63ED761C-A490-4E2D-9AB2-F5DE23B1CDF0 The swatches actually look better than how it performed on my eyes.

For this review I tried to do a bit more a fancier graphic liner look to really test out how well this eyeliner works. I will actually write a separate post showing off more of the batwing liner plus my inspiration behind it . But for now I will include a second look too that’s a bit more basic that kind of show’s how this liner works.

Look number 1. Batwing eyes.

IMG_6131 (2)

100_0771 (2)As you can see the lines look pretty dry, and I had to keep going over the liner to make nicer lines. It’s seemed to have cracked on certain parts of my eyes as well.

I have done this look before but with the Nyx Epic liner and it definitely looked better.

100_0786 (3)

It looks better from far away. Although you can’t really see the details of the wings very well. oh well.

Next look is a simple Cat Eye.

IMG_6168 (2)

It’s dark , but still looks very messy somehow and not as crisp or sharp as my normal Nyx liner.

IMG_6178 (3)My liner was pretty patchy here even though I was just doing a simple eye look and my lash lines were still patchy. I’m not the happiest with this liner look. although face on it did look a bit better.

IMG_6175 (2)

So far I’m still not a fan of Smashbox’s liner. I also used it on my eyes without eye makeup and it still seemed to be very dry. I just don’t think this liner is worth the price. Well that’s all for now. Let me know in the comment’s section of what you think. Maybe this is just a dry formula or not the best fit for me. Oh and for those curious the liner is water proof , and doesn’t smudge . But it’s still a pain to work with 😂



8 thoughts on “Smashbox Always On Waterproof 24-hour Liquid Liner Review

  1. I have Smashbox Always Sharp pencil liner and I like it pretty well. I’ve not tried the liquid one. But I have tried other liquid ones that are dry and as a rule, I prefer pencil liner.

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