Nyx Turnt Up! in Twisted Lipstick Review

IMG_6038 (2)

I almost forgot about this lipstick to be honest, it came with another order, and I put it in my bag and forgot about it. I initially ordered it as purple lipsticks are among some of my favorite shades, and I really do miss wearing lipstick. Now I mostly just wear around the house or if I skype call my friends. And I was curious about the formula of this line.

IMG_6042 (2)

The pictures show the tube to be more of a bright lilac -toned purple. But it honestly looks so much brighter and more intense on my face. It does have a slight scent to it, almost like mint but maybe not. I did prep my lips with mint lip balm so maybe that got on the tube as well. Not 100% sure. As for swatching , it went on very smooth and has a bit of a creamy feel. It reminds me of the Fenty Poutsicle line .

IMG_6049 (2)I do like how this lipstick reflects light, it’s very shiny yet still solid . The packaging is very thin, and the shell is a lightweight plastic. But it’s easy to throw in your makeup bag or purse . 

IMG_6066 (2)

It applies well, is slightly creamy, and a little hydrating.  It didn’t seem to slip around too much. Up close it doesn’t look as opaque but further away I think is where this lipstick really shines.

IMG_6093 (3)

I put some extra concealer as I recently re-dyed my hair. And will some of my face was stained pink. It’s a bit embarrassing , so I decided to use concealer and then my regular powder. But I was super impressed with how bright the color was. It’s similar to Purpsicle but maybe a little less intense. Also I’ll add the pictures from my phone as well as the purple is very intense , plus you can see the Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette.




5a78d2ea-7d56-4d58-86e7-827d4d7ee6f5 (2)

29057e5c-ac98-45d9-9947-19b9d59c6842 (2)

Well I do really like this shade and texture . So I will probably try other colors in this line whenever I see them I think the purple is very bright and flattering, plus the way the tube is shaped helps keep the lipstick lined up . It’s a bit like the shape of the Fenty Mattemoiselle lipsticks, and it makes it very easy to apply your lipstick without using a lipliner.

And yes that is a bat in my hair .


IMG_6074 (2)So that is all for now 🙂 Hope you all are having a nice week !Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried any other colors in the Nyx Turnt Up line.



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