Revlon Limitless Infrared-Boosted Shine Hair Dryer Review

Hey everyone ! a few weeks ago my old blow dryer finally died. I used it to fluff dry my husky after her bath, and then tried to use it on my hair as well. Well it was toast. So I decided to order a new one , and well I’ll probably get another dryer for my Siberian as her coat is super thick and I don’t want to kill this one too lol.


So this is the Revlon Limitless Infrared-Boosted Shine 1875 watts hair dryer. It comes with hair clips, a concentrator , and diffuser attachments. Plus the back grill comes off to remove any hair or fuzz. It claims to use Ionic technology and infrared heat.

Another really cool feature is the 4 year warranty , which is pretty nice considering I’ve had blow dryers die on me before. RIP Expensive hair dryer from years ago. 


It’s also two speed as well with a low heat setting , and a cool shot trigger too.


And here’s what it looks like when it’s turned on. I thought I would take a picture in the dark and one with lights to show off the red light.


It’s actually a really nice dryer , I’ve used this for about 2 weeks and it dries my hair a lot quicker than my old Conair hair dryer . I do tend to use the lower heat setting and start with the high fan speed. But on cold days I like using the higher heat  even though it’s not always the best for my hair. But that aside it does work well and the diffuser attachment is great for more volume and body. I will say it’s kind of hard to put on and take off, so use caution . But I do like using that attachment and it seems help keep volume in my hair. Certain days I don’t completely dry my hair and tie it up in bun to get waves . But I can still do that with this dryer when I use the low heat setting along with the diffuser.

Overall I think this is a really nice dryer for the price and the 4 year warranty. It’s not super loud and dries hair quickly. The diffuser attachment is a bit hard to snap on and take off but other than that it’s still a really nice product. 

Well that’s all for now. I do still need to get another dryer for my husky dog, as she’s double coated and takes forever to dry. Who knows I may invest in one of those huge ones so she can be super poofy. 



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