Royal Papaya Eye look

For most of this and next month I would like to do a bit more eye looks to show off some of the palettes I reviewed earlier this year. For this look I used only two palettes , the Too Faced Papaya Pop palette and Juvia’s Place Nubian Royal. The theme I was going for is the kind of neon sunset aesthetic , with the duochrome Umbrella drinks being the focus. It was a bit hard to photograph as Umbrella Drinks, shifts quite a bit depending on the light. The lighting at my desk and even bathroom would not show the nice pink-peach shift. So it mostly looks peach or orangey.

  • Too Faced Papaya Pop Palette , colors used were Papaya Don’t Preach ( a bubblegum-pink color,)Mai Tai Me Up ( a light peach color) I mixed both of these colors on my brows. Umbrella Drinks ( the duochrome) was used on the middle of my eyes. I also used dark purple W’sup Beaches on my lower lids to get a darker smokey look.
  • Juvia’s Place Nubian Royal was used for the purples. I used the Darker purple and the brighter lilac for the inner crease and V. 

So I originally took a ton of different pictures, different angles and lighting but Umbrella Drinks was still hard to capture. But overall I was happy with how this look came out and I will probably try it out again.



b19c1cdf-558a-42c2-9472-1ae0e1c959a0 (2)Here’s from my phone.

and here’s some of the pictures from my digital camera.


IMG_5989 (2)

Blurry but you can see the pink sparkles.

IMG_5973 (2)

And here it looks more golden peach. It’s definitely one of my new favorite palette combinations.


100_0717 (2)

I know I’m kind of looking off in this picture , but I really wanted to show off the sparkle. I think Umbrella Drinks may be one of my new favorite duochromes. Well I may take a break from Duochromes and glitter for a while as I want to try some graphic liner and batwing liner looks . Those will be up when I can perfect them. Plus I finally got around to doing my roots, So I need to show off the fresh neon pink as well.



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