Juvia’s Place The Violets Mini Palette Review

IMG_5573 (2)

Hi everyone ! I’m back and with the Juvia’s Place Violets mini palette . Earlier this year I really wanted this but put off purchasing it for some reason . But I finally gave in and ordered it, and I was so happy I did .

IMG_5601 (2)

So whats cool about this palette is its a bit smaller than the normal Juvia’s Place palettes , so I little easier to store and put in your makeup bag for travel . I loved the art and colors they used on the box . Its very aesthetic.


The violets themselves are a bit hard to swatch which I’ve noticed has been a problem with Juvia’s Place palettes in general . But they show up well with a primer or shadow base . The two matte shades were a bit harder to blend out but they weren’t unworkable. I was still able to use both mattes though, I just need to take my time building up the color and blending.

IMG_5608 (2)The above picture is without flash

IMG_5610 (2)With flash you can really see all the nice metallic colors .

Now what I liked most about this color story aside from being all shades of purple/violet is that it really is a cool toned . This is awesome as I sometimes find cool toned purples to be hard to find. The Nubian Royal palette is more pinky or red toned purples. You can find that review here Juvia’s Place The Nubian Royal Palette Review.

  • First shade is a Metallic Amethyst with some shimmer.
  • Middle top is a nice almost warm toned pewter with a violet shimmer. 
  • Then we also have a darkened matte violet shade . Its a bit blue toned but works great for depth. It does need a bit of work to blend but I really liked having it in this palette . 
  • Bottom row is this nice Unicorn lavender shimmer shade . I love this in the inner corner or all over the lids.
  • Middle bottom row is this lovely metallic violeg purple with some pink or red toned shimmers.
  • And finally the pastel  matte lavender/shade. This one does take a bit to build up but it can be done and looks great.


So this first look I only did my eyes , so no full face picture. But I was really happy with the colors and depth. I used the entire palette. I didn’t blend certain parts as much as I needed to but I think this a good demo of color placement .

My next look however I took my time and blended the mattes way more . I used pretty much the whole palette here as well.

100_0512 (2)

I’m looking down so I can show the colors a little better:)

And now my final look, this time I decided to to only use three colors, The light lavender and the lighter lilac /pewter shimmer and the more warm toned shimmer on my brow. I realize looking at all the pictures , most of the looks are very similar, so this palette would probably do well with  chocolate shades, blues or whatever colors you like to combine violet with. The glitter on the heart is from the Nubian Royal Palette. I thought it would look nice with this color scheme.

IMG_5932 (2)

100_0568 (2)

Without flash

100_0591 (2)

Well That’s all for this palette. I do love the Violet toned color story and it is great addition to any purple lover’s collection. Also there is quite a bit of difference between this and the Nubian Royal, as there are only two mattes in this palette( which are harder to work with but no impossible) and it’s more blue toned. I think you could safely get both palettes and not have to worry about having repeat shades. So far with this palette I have paired The Wahala, The Douce palette, Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons and Even the Papaya Pop palette with the violets and have gotten some cool looks. I do need to upload more pictures to show you all. Well hope you are having a good week. See you soon.



14 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place The Violets Mini Palette Review

  1. I have this palette and I like the shades, but I think the quality is not as good as previous palettes by Juvia’s place. Thanks for comparing it to the Nubian Royal because I wasn’t sure how similar they are.

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    1. I would say the Nubian Royal’s mattes are way easier to work with . Plus I think the shades may be easier to mix together . Thats my opinion. I still like the violets but I do feel like it shines more when used with other palettes .


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