EOS Vanilla Mint Lip Balm Review

IMG_5627 (2)

With the upcoming winter dryness coming up , I decided to try another lip balm flavor . This time I’m trying out the reformulated Vanilla Mint by EOS. This balm comes in a brighter aqua blue sphere and is a little less minty than original .

IMG_5630 (2)

The balm itself is very smooth , and glides on . There is a bit of the mint flavor but its very subdued compared the original formula. The original sometimes made my lips a bit more dry , where as this one keeps my lips smooth. The vanilla really helps tone down the mintiness too , and reminds me of one of the previous holiday releases that was Mint Chocolate ( I loved that one ). My lips stayed very smooth but not overly slippery or oily .

I do really like this balm, plus it’s very Christmas-y. I think EOS is doing better with some of their new formula’s that contain mint. As before the strong mint extracts could really do the opposite to your lips, where as now its just a hint of the mint. So good news for those who love minty flavors but don’t like the drying effect it can sometimes have. That is all for now but I do hope to catch up with some of my blogging. I literally have drafts and pics to go through but last week was a bit busy for me . So have a good Monday everyone:)



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