Revlon Universal Points Sharpener

IMG_5571 (2)

So my last eyeliner review Rimmel Scandal Eye’s Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner Review I had a bit of a problem. The liner broke my sharpener. So I had to order a new one, and this finally came in. To be honest I was a bit worried that the kohl pencil would break this one as well. But no thankfully , it came through and sharpened my waterproof Kohl kajal and a few of my other random eye pencils. 

There’s nothing really too special about this sharpener aside from the fact it’s very sturdy and can sharpen some pretty hard eyeliner pencils. I do like that it has two barrels and can sharpen both smaller pencils and some of the larger thicker crayons as well. Plus this one is super easy to find at the drugstore or online. so definitely worth picking up and throwing in your makeup bag. 

Well thats all for this review, it’s a bit short as it does work and its a fairly simple eye pencil sharpener. But I do have plans to upload a few more posts starting next week. Have a good weekend everyone:)



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