Juvia’s Place The Nubian Royal Palette Review

IMG_5736 (2)

So this one was a bit of a surprise . My Fiancé ordered this without my knowing , and now I’m the proud owner of this amazing purple palette. I originally ordered The Violets mini but a week after I ordered it The Nubian Royal was released. So it was bit shocking when he told me this was on the way too!

IMG_5719 (2)

IMG_5724 (2)

The packaging is very aesthetic and I love the sunset colors on the outside. The lettering has a metallic shift and there’s a really cool Pharonic queen ( that might be redundant) on the cover as well. Also for those curious yes Nubians did have Pharoahs and ruled the 25th Dynasty of Egypt. For those Ancient History enthusiasts who need historical accuracy in their makeup.


Inside the purples are amazing ! There are two metallics, three matte shades , and one pressed glitter. Sadly these colors aren’t named but still beautiful none the less.

IMG_5741 (2)

I swatched top to bottom and as you can see that pressed glitter is amazing!

  •  Top first shadow is an  amazing pink shifty purple metallic ,its got light pink glitter pieces too.
  • The top middle purple is a metallic dark plum that has bit of red undertone.
  • Top last row is a bright matte purple. It’s a true purple and a lot lighter than the dark purple violet in the mini violets. It’s a great crease shade and blends out well.
  • First bottom row is this nice pinky lilac shade, it’s similar to the lilac in Wahala but just a bit darker. It’s great matte shade that blends out well.
  • the middle is a light pastel lilac that can be built up and blended out. It goes on smooth and isn’t chalky.
  • And finally the pressed glitter. This is a really cool addition to the mini palette series , as it has purple, green, blue and red glitter particles, but has like silver base. Its very similar to the glitters in Wahala , in that it is kind of sticky but works best with a glitter glue.

So I really liked the pressed glitter, I thought it really helped jazz up the palette. I know some people don’t really like working with pressed glitters but I liked the formula and shine. The metallics are also really cool too , and now that I own the violets(review coming soon) I can safely say that there are no dupes of the colors from that palette. The color story here is way more pinky purple(or red toned). And the addition of glitter plus 3 mattes makes this a totally different palette over all. I did think the mattes were a little easier to blend out though than the minis. But enough of that lets check out some looks.

IMG_5751 (2)

100_0562 (2)

I took two pics with different cameras so you can see the glitter sparkle. It’s like my cyberpunk unicorn look. I used basically the whole palette, with the two lighter matte shades for my brow and crease, and the darker purple for the V. I have no idea why I had some cracking( I think it was my shadow base , so I had to get a new one). But I used the darker metallic plum on my lower lids, and the glitter and lighter metallic for the middle and inner corners.

100_0555 (3)

And now my next look I decided leave out the glitter and try a Halo look. I’ll be honest I haven’t practiced halo looks in a while. But I tried and was pretty happy with the results. I used the lightest metallic purple in middle for my halo, all the mattes around my eyes and some the darker metallic plum for the bottom.  

IMG_5769 (3)


IMG_5763 (2)

And finally for my last look I decided to incorporate oranges and yellow from my other JP palettes. I used Over Sabi from the Wahala and the Zulu Orange from the Zulu palette. I got the idea from a youtuber who had bought both holiday palettes. You can check out Ask Whitney’s holiday Juvia Place look herehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cWiWid0WPJc

IMG_5793 (2)

I added some glitter to outline the eye as well. I think my shadow base is getting old , so thats why some of the crease is showing. Good thing I have a spare. Also I chose not to blend out the purple too much , as I was afraid of the colors going muddy, but I liked how very Halloween glam it looked. 

IMG_5790 (2)

Overall I really liked this new release, the colors and finishes were easy to work with, and the color story was different enough from The Violet’s Mini’s. I was impressed with the glitter shade too. I think I will start by mixing it with other colors that I own , to get even more looks.  It a great purple lover’s palette , especially if you already own some other neutral or colored palettes to mix with it. Plus it’s small enough to fit in your makeup bag too. Well Hope everyone has a nice safe Halloween and let me know in the comments what you think of this new Juvia’s Place release. 



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