Tropical Eye look

Hey everyone, I’ve been off for a bit as my dog broke my phone . He used his nose to boop my phone right out of my hands and the whole front shattered. So I had to wait for a new screen to come in the mail and replace the whole front. But thankfully I’m back and can upload some pics from my phone and cameras. For today’s look I decided to try out a look I found on Instagram, I can’t find the link to the profile but when I do I’ll post the link. Also since its been a while I may have forgotten some of the colors I used ,so I’ll do my best to remember the names and palettes.

100_0395 (2)

I started off with my usual Nyx white eyeshadow base, then used the Macaw (from Makeup Revolution”s Bird of Paradise, Sugarpill’s  Cheat Code mixed with 8-bit for my blues. Afterwards I used a mix of these Tail Feather, Island, Adventure and Vacay for the pink toned purple around my V and on my lower lids. for the pink on my middle I used Vacay and Too Faced’s Totally Fetch (from Chocolate Bon Bons). I still needed a good Yellow so I used Juvia’s Place’s bright yellow from the Zulu palette and blended in an orange from the Bird Of Paradise palette. I think it was Tocan Play. and finished up with Hot Tropic on my brow for the sparkles, I even added it on my  my cheek too for a highlight effect.

Well I’ll have to dig on my phone to try and find the inspiration pic, I don’t think it came out quite the way  it looks though. I’ll try again next time, as I think its a good idea to challenge myself more. Plus it helps me use a lot of palettes at once too. I’ll be posting more looks and reviews soon , but right now I’m currently digging through pics and files. And hopefully I can find a nice time to do some Twitch streams as well. 



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