Wet n Wild Crease Brush Review

IMG_5468 (2)

Hey everyone ! Today I decided to review the Wet n Wild Crease brush . I actually ordered two as I needed more for when I do makeup on stream . Its easier than going and cleaning brushes , especially if I’m working with dark or bright colors . So let’s see how these perform.

IMG_5475 (2)

As you can see these brushes are very fluffy and soft . I decided for this review I would do a full eye look and decided to use a very bright matte cyan blue (Love from the Wahala palette). This is a very bold color to use in the crease , but I thought it would be great to test out the brush . I used Pride (taupe greige color) in my browbone as well and started blending Love into my crease . I really liked how the brush picked up the shadow and applied the color . It is really fluffy though and some of the color blended into Pride . But that’s okay , I really liked how this brush performed . For the matte black I used another brush as I was afraid this crease brush would be too fluffy to get that nice sharp look . But I was still pretty happy with how the crease brush performed with the blue shade . Afterwards I cut my crease and applied the lilac shimmer shade .


IMG_5115 (2)


I was super impressed with how nice this brush picked up pigments and blended . It works well and is pretty inexpensive , so you can definitely add this to your makeup bag. It’s also nice to have spare brushes , for when I need to do multiple shades for a look . The brush also has a little dent in the handle for better grip . Overall I’m pretty happy with these brushes. ☺️




10 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Crease Brush Review

    1. Thanks ! I do want to try more of their brushes. I have my eye on the wet n wild pac-man and My melody brushes . Thanks 🙂 I think I mixed the lipsticks to get that color . Both are sadly discontinued though. I used to wear more blue looks when my hair was actually blue or turqouise lol

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