Twitch Makeup Stream look

So I have yet to set up my Stream Labs to record my live streams , but I thought I would share a look I did on Twitch .


This was my second time doing makeup live on Twitch . And I had a lot of fun with it to be honest. One of my blogging buddies was in chat with me as well as my little sis . It definitely made the stream way more fun !


I decided since this was my second stream and I was going to play Hotline Miami ( an 80’s Inspired game) I would go big and bright with my look . Both Sugarpill Capsules were used in this look , and I used the highlighter and blush from both.

The brow I used glory (neutral pink) , then I went over Glory with the bright pink blush (Melody) all around my crease and part of my brow . I wanted to really add more sparkle so I patted in Dream State on my brow . Its super shimmery . And then I proceeded to add Undone ( plum purple) into my V , I needed it to be a bit more violet , so Slow Dive (a colbolt Blue) was added . Then I decided to grab the Orange Capsule and use both Insomniac ( charteuse) and Skyrise for the rest of my lid . Still not satisfied I used the pink capsule again for Cloud 9( shimmery aqua) and Ember ( a shimmery golden yellow ) on the bottom of eyes . Afterwards I decided to go crazy and use Melody on my cheeks and Elevate (Orange Capsule) as a highlighter. And I even used Fenty’s Purpsicle on my lips to be even more bold!


And there it is my Twitch look ! I put on my headphones to keep my hair our of my face but , kept them on as I thought it went with the look . Sadly I didn’t get too far into Hotline Miami , I died alot 😂 But I do have other games to play on my next stream . So catch me next stream on Twitch . I will probably do more makeup and hopefully be on a bit earlier . Also let me know what games you like or play in your spare time.


11 thoughts on “Twitch Makeup Stream look

  1. I love how the colours really do fit the game very well! I mean.. without wearing an animal mask I guess :P! I do love the retro vibe! The lipstick is amazing! Also I LOVE your earphones!

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