Twitch Galaxy Eyelook

So I originally planned on saving the video for this tutorial but it was kind of slow and awkward. So I didn’t save the video. I do hope to post some videos up later on my blog in the future. Today’s look was inspired by space and galaxies, for most of the look I used a combination of Juvia’s Place Wahala palette alongside Sugarpill’s Pink capsule and the Funsize palette too. With and honorable mention to the Too Faced’s Life’s Festival palette too.

100_0322 (2)

I started out prepping my eyes with Nyx shadow base in White and using the lilac matte shade (Woke) from Wahala , afterwards I applied Cheat Code and 8-Bit around my brows and crease. I also buffed in Pride into my brow. I then decided to cut my crease with the white base again. I started off with Baby Doll ( its a ghostly periwinkle) from the capsule palette, layering SuperNova on top. I used Unafraid from Wahala on my wing area. I didn’t really like how it looked with Baby Doll and Super Nova , so I added some glitter on top of those two shades. I liked the look of Clout and Yanga mixed. And yes glitter glue was used , as it really helps those glitters stay in place. And finally for the bottom of my eyes I used Power (duochrome green/blue) and Cloud 9( a shimmery aqua). I wanted to have fun with blush too so I used Melody lightly on my cheeks and Unicorn Tears for my highlighter. This didn’t really show up like I wanted on the pictures though.

100_0345 (2)

100_0329 (2)

100_0334 (2)

You can kind of see the highlighter, plus I was using a different camera. So I’m a bit more pale than I am normally. Overall I was really happy with the spacey colors. I do want to try out some more looks like this . And hopefully next time I can save a video to post here as well. Well hope everyone is having a good week, I hope to have a few reviews posted up this week .


12 thoughts on “Twitch Galaxy Eyelook

    1. Thanks ! I don’t know if you have access to a Target in your area , but the Star Tattoo stamp is Starlit studio brand and you may be able to find it on Amazon . I thought the glitter would add to the spacey look ☺️🌟

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