Juvia’s Place Wahala palette Part 2: more eye looks!

Hey Everyone , just as I promised I thought I would upload and show off the last three pictures in my Wahala palette review. I wanted to make sure to use every color I could in each look, so you can see how the colors blend and look together. I was still keeping with my theme of bold ,dramatic looks. So here is some more pictures. 

The Vaporwave Mermaid :

The Vaporwave Mermaid:

100_0218 (2)

This look was inspired by Vaporwave colors, I used Busybody ( the bright pink matte) Pride on brow, Love in the middle of my eye, and then pressed on some glitter glue. Afterwards I pressed on Yanga and Clout with a stiff flat brush. I then decided to use Power around the bottom and wing area of my eyes. Power, Yanga and clout all shift around depending on the lighting. So I’ll include one picture with flash and one without.


with flash.

100_0193 (2)

This was definitely one of my favorite looks. I love Power, its such a neat duochrome. And both blue glitters are amazing as well. They have such a neat shift, my favorite of the two being Yanga, I looks pretty cool paired with the other greens as well. But I don’t have a good picture to show off the green and Yanga look. Also for easy glitter removal, small pieces of tape works really well.

Solar Flare look:

100_0229 (2)

IMG_5044 (2)

For this look I took two pictures of the same eye with flash on and off. I thought I would do a gold , red, and the unique mustard yellow. It was meant to be kind of cut crease but I decided I loved Gossip( the gold/green) so much I used all over . I dabbed glitter glue and only used a bit of Pepper Bodi to seperate Gossip and Fire. Also Over Sabi looks really nice with this color scheme , looking a bit more like an orange color rather than the mustard its meant to be.

IMG_5047 (2)

100_0234 (2)

It was hard getting a good faraway pic.

Next up is one of my other favorites, the villianous sorceress look.

IMG_5075 (2)

super shiny here.


These colors shift alot depending on the lighting. I used Over Sabi and Pride on my brows,Sis in the corner with Power , Yanga in the middle held on by glitter glue, and Fighter on the other side of Yanga. For underneath my eyelash line I used Be You! and topped that off with Unafraid. I tried a similar look before but I used Yanga topped over Fighter and Power. But today I learned from my Solar Flare, that sometimes the glitter looks better as a divider , and to let Fighter and Power be the main colors.

100_0270 (2)

IMG_5076 (2)Well that’s all for now . I’ll post the link up for my Twitch soon. Still working on setting it up. I’m pretty excited to do a live video. I really want to use the Wahala live but I’m open to other palettes as well in my collection. Would any of you guys be interested in seeing the Sugarpill Capsules live too? Let me know in the comments section. Have a nice Friday too:).



13 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Wahala palette Part 2: more eye looks!

  1. I really like the Villainous Sorceress look! It suits your dark eye colour so well!
    It’s a really nice balance of colours and feels feminine and vibrant without feeling overly heavy!
    I now imagine you secretly being a Villainous Sorceress planning to end some Magical Girl or Power Ranger group..

    Liked by 2 people

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