Beauty Wishlist 2020 edition

So I’ve been slowly getting things together for my reviews / live streams ect plus just being busy in general . But I have been following Trendmood and a few other places for new releases . And my wishlist is getting longer 😁 So here are some of my top pics of makeup products that I’m excited for .

This palette is just too cute . And I hear some great things about Glamlite in general . It looks like they generally have a food theme with taco, pizza and burger inspired palettes . But this donut 🍩 palette is definitely in colors that I love and would use a lot.

And another Glamlite product to the list . This one is especially after my heart as its one of my favorite Pan Dulce (sweet bread) , the pink concha. Its adorable and the shimmer looks so pretty. I don’t own too many highlighters but this looks like something I would use .Glamlite also has an Horchata lipgloss , which is meant to taste like cinnamon like the Horchata drink I love . I do plan on reviewing Glamlite products in the future.

So as you may know , I love duochromes.Ever since I saw Pat Mcgrath’s new palette with the multichrome , VR Sextraterrestrial, I was in love . But I don’t feel like I would use the other colors in the palette , so it would definitely be money wasted for just one shadow . I’ve been on the look out for some good dupes . The best I could find is Dawn Eye Cosmetics with this wonderful , cranberry , gold to green shift . It comes in 3 sizes. I hope to order from this company soon. I’ll report back if this shade really does shift like VR Sextraterrestrial 👽

So this has also ranked pretty high on palettes that I would love to try . Melt’s She’s Into Parties looks so romantic and sultry. I love it , and the colors seem to look great on all skin tones . I like how you can look mysterious, gothy , or just romantic . My onlu thing that was stopping me was the fact that sometimes Melt’s formula can have mixed reviews . But She’s Into Parties had very good reviews , so we’ll see .

And now some end of summer brightness ! I love the look of this collection . I’ve never tried Coloured Raine before but I’ve caught the owner, Loraine R. Dowdy on live streams before on Instagram . I love her eye for color and the promo pictures for this collection is so fun . The Juicy palette comes in two forms , normal palette form and a smaller book palette. The inspiration for the palette is the founder’s love of juicing and juice drinks , which I think is a great idea for a color story .

And more Coloured Raine products , this time in limited edition lip colors . Blackberry and Muah are definitely high oh my list of new lip colors to try . I’m sure others might want to try out the Honey Mustard or Lucky Charm for lip art.

And finally I still need to try out the Fenty Cheeks Out blush in Drama Cla$$. Its such a cool color and I’d love to try a cream blush .

Well that concludes my wish list . I’ll probably add more , but these are definitely the products that stick out for me . Let me know in the comments if you have any cool things you have on your wishlist . Have a good week everyone 🍈🦄



16 thoughts on “Beauty Wishlist 2020 edition

  1. The Glamlite pallets are gorgeous so they’re a definite must! Also Fenty Beauty is always on the list! I find Pat McGrath pretty expensive though!

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    1. I will definitely try out Glamlite . The palettes look so cute and I’ve had very good luck with Fenty products being amazing . Pat McGrath is pretty pricey , especially if I was to buy for only one shadow. So I’ll definitely try to find a good dupe .


    1. I know its such a cool color story 💕If I do get that one it might be closer to Christmas as the color story seems very wintery. And yeah that purple looks so fun . I saw a few girls wearing that shade on IG and its so pretty💕

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  2. ahh so many of these are on my wishlist, too! 100% want the Melt Cosmetics She’s In Parties Palette. I was disappointed with my last Melt Palette, but this one received such good reviews. The Glamlite palette really caught my eye!

    And have you heard of JD Glow? They create an amazing liquid and powder multi-chrome formula in super vibrant colors that I feel like you’d like!

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    1. I have heard of them but haven’t tried then out . I will now thanks ☺️ That sounds awesome , I’m super interested in getting a nice multichrome for myself.Thanks for the recommendation 💕


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