I discovered a new technique in Discord !

So I recently started using the discord app for makeup , gaming and animal crossing . One of the servers shared a really cool technique which I link the video for you guys to check out. Cool video  In the first part of the video the makeup artists uses a technique called Aquarela . To do this technique , you dab your balled up tissue in some pressed pigments . I’ve seen a few girls on Instagram do all of thier colors this way . But I decided to try it like the makeup artist in the video and also how I saw it on discord . They both used Orange as thier base but I wanted to do a bright sky blue . I used Macaw ( Makeup Revolution Bird of Paradise) as my base color . Well actually I used Nyx shadow base in white first . Then Macaw, and since it was a but powdery I kept tapping at it and blending till I liked the blue on my lid . Afterwards I used Urban Decay’s Electric palette for stamps . I dabbed my tissue ball in Urban (purple) Savage(hot pink) and Freak( bright lime green) for a nice splotchy look . Its a bit of a Lisa Frank Dalmation look , but I liked it . I did try to take pics without the liner but it didn’t look as defined, so I did liner anyway. Also for this post I decided to play around with a second digital camera, so if skin tone looks different from pic to pic that is why. I’m trying to compare colors on each camera. One shows better greens and the other does better pics from far away.

100_0104 (2)
It’s a bit messy but fun. Also forgot to mention Hot Tropic on my inner corner from the Bird of Paradise palette.


100_0083 (2)
This eye got a bit messy with the purple smudge.
100_0107 (2)
From far away its like rainbow cow spots lol.

Well I think I’ll try this look out again , next time with different colors. Probably a nice lavender or lilac for the base and some new splashes of color. If anything trying out new looks and techniques is helping me go through some of my older shadows . Also I found using discord to be pretty fun , if anyone wants to chat and talk makeup, looks, products ect let me know and I’ll send you an invite to my server. Its small at the moment, but everyone is welcome:) Have a good week everyone.



11 thoughts on “I discovered a new technique in Discord !

    1. Oh thank you ! Yes the possibilities with makeup are endless really , its such a fun way to experiment and express one’s self. I’m always blown away with how creative other people csn be with their looks .

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