Pride Palette recommendations 🌈

So I kind of spaced it with everything going on , but Pride month is June and I thought I would do a fun list of colorful palettes and lipsticks that I think would work well.  I’m only listing products that I’ve reviewed and tried out.  Also I’m aware that a lot of Gay Pride fests are put on hold but I know some people still like to do colorful makeup for the month of June . So here are my picks :

Sugarpill’s Funsize Palette

I feel like this palette would be perfect if you wanted a more pastel rainbow , these colors are great and buildable . I use this one quite often for pastel , watercolor looks . But if you use a pigment brush and just swipe on you can have some nice bolder looks . These shadows work best with a white shadow base or something kind of tacky to adhere . I believe you can still buy this on Sugarpill’s website for $29 , but they do sell out quickly . Also for a full review click hereSugarPill Funsized palette review

My next colorful palette is :

Juvia’s Place The Zulu

For bolder looks with a few metallic finishes added , The Zulu palette is great ! The colors are so bold and colorful , these would be great for some intense 🏳️‍🌈 Pride looks . Plus this palette is pretty adorable, usually $20 but with sales and coupons you can get this for as little as $10. I really like Juvia’s Place shadows and if you wanted to try an indie black owned brand , this would be one to try . The only color I had some problems with is the Teal color , but with some patience it does blend out . You can also check my full review of the palette here Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette Review


And for a more affordable palette :

Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise

So this one was released earlier this year and its a really fun palette , that I use quite often . This one has a mix of mattes , shimmers (jelly shimmers too) and two pressed glitters . Its got a nice mix of shades but does lack a true neon red , but I’m sure you could find a single or even blend one of the bright pinks with the more orange toned red . The texture is a bit powdery so a white shadow base does help out. And also a pigment brush first and fluffy brush to blend afterwards . But I love this palette and its super bright but can be toned down too , plus its probably the most affordable of the rainbow palettes . You can find this on Beauty Bay or Ulta for $15 . Although I’ve seen various sales on Ulta so you would probably be able to find it for less . My full review can be read hereMakeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise Palette Review


I left out Urban Decay’s Electric palette as its been discontinued years ago , but it was another awesome colorful palette .  But I thought I would add  Stila’s Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow. Its beautiful glitter shadow and doesn’t irritate the eyes . I’ve only tried one shade but they have more shades online to really add zazz to your eye looks . Review here Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow :Into the Blue review


And finally bright lipsticks ! These are my picks as I think you make some cool lip art , or rainbow lip looks . Of course these are from last years Fenty Poutsicle collection so some colors are sold out like the red and orange , but the blues and purples can still be found for $14 or less on Fenty or Sephora . I’m sure if you already had a nice bright red or orange you could make some cool looks with these too , as these blend really well with a lipstick brush . And if you want to see more here my previous posts Fenty Beauty Poutsicles review:Alpha Doll and Go Deep

Fenty Beauty Lipstick mini Haul :Poutsicles Motorboat,Purpsicle and Mini Mattemoiselle Plush Matte in Thicc

So I’m a bit backed up on reviews , I do have more products coming up , some looks as well. But thought I would hold off for a while . I’m also planning on launching a Twitch channel as well sometime .  It’ll be a makeup / game channel , I’ll be doing reviews in real time plus if you have a Twitch account you can chat and hang out live . I still need webcam , so I’ll give more updates on when its ready to launch . Let me know what you think and if you’ve ever used Twitch before .




25 thoughts on “Pride Palette recommendations 🌈

  1. Great post and great selections. I’m thinking of getting the Colourpop palette, because I’m really into Pastels right now. Of course the fact that there’s a kitty on the palette cover has nothing to do with it! LOL! Juvia’s Place has the best eye shadow formula on the market right now, I think… And they do a fantastic job with shimmers too.

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  2. I love bright, colourful eyeshadows so it is great to see your suggestions! I’ve never tried Juvia’s Place eyeshadows. Have you tried their new Wahala Palette? The Wahala Palette isn’t available in the UK yet and I am so keen to try it as it looks amazing!

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    1. I really want the Wahala palette . I missed out on it last May , but Juvia’s Instagram said that there will be a limited restock in July . I hope I can order one before they sell out again . The color story is beautiful and I’m a fan of Juvia’s other palettes .


      1. I signed up to be notified by Juvia’s Place , so hopefully in July , I’ll be lucky . I think this palette is quickly becoming a must have along with the new Pat Mcgrath ( beautiful palette too but definitely higher in price ).


  3. Good luck, I hope you manage to get one! Do you have any of the Pat McGrath palettes? I just have one of the mini palettes, the Eye Ecstasy Palette in Subversive. I got it when it was reduced to £13 (it is usually £22). The shades swatch beautifully; I just need to play about with them a bit now.

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