Sugarpill Capsule Collection C1 Pink Edition Review

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So in an earlier post I showed off my Sugarpill Capsule bundle . And finally after restraining myself for a few days , I decided to take some pictures and swatch the colors . I started off with the pink capsule , as I was super excited to see how nice the pastels were . And wow! Lets just get into the review .

IMG_4015 (2)

The underside of the palette has all the names .

I took way too many pictures of these palettes.


I love the half clear and half mirror

First of all the packaging is adorable. The palette comes in a plastic case that keeps the palette from moving around . And on the other side of the palette are the names of the shadows . Theres also a small mirror on the lid, but for the most part the palette is transparent. The actual pill is pretty sturdy and is about the size of an iphone . Inside the shadows are arranged in a molecule pattern . The whole layout and design is very creative and not really like any palette that I currently own.


The theme is very pastel  and almost Sailor Moon-like. I was really impressed with the swatches, and how nice they applied to my eyes . The shade, Baby Doll worried me the most and I was afraid it wouldn’t show up on my skin but it looks great here. It’s ghostly but you can definitely see it and that’s without primer.

IMG_4037 (2)

So this palette is centered around a really nice pink blush, its sort of a bubblegum pink.  and Supernova can be used as a highlighter but I liked using it on my eyes too.

So shades by name are:

  1. Slow Drive is a matte indigo color darker than 8-Bit( funsized). Its easy to work with though which is nice . I like blending this with Undone to make a really nice violet color.
  2. Cloud 9 is a beautiful aqua blue shimmer and it shows up sheer in my swatches but looks amazing with glitter glue or a tacky base.
  3. Dream State is another topper shade, it looks purplish duo chrome in the pan but is way more sheer or shimmery. I tried using it as a highlighter but I prefer Supernova .
  4. Glory is dusty rose pink color, I used this color like neutral sometimes for my crease or transition shade. its very pigmented and easy to work with.
  5. Undone is a dusty plum color. Its very easy to blend out and I had no issues with using this color.
  6. Baby doll is a pastel ghostly periwinkle. I love this color and usually have Supernova layered on it. I was really surprised this shade worked on my skin tone. I do still use primer and white eyeshadow base too.
  7. Supernova -is the shimmery unicorn highlighter , its pink and blue shift. I really like this shade and it works as a topper too.
  8. Radiate is a nice lime chartuese green matte shade. Its similar to Sugarpill’s Twitch shade but brighter and more neon.
  9. Melody – This is the pink blush, its super pigmented and can be buffed out easily. It was super bright on my cheeks so I use just a little on my brush. And yes I have used it on my eyes too.
  10. Ember is the bright yellow shimmer shade. At first I thought it was a gold but looking closer at Ember , I noticed its way more yellow.

And Finally looks :

IMG_4068 (2)
This was my first time wearing the colors.

IMG_4072 (2)
I used way too much blush but thank goodness the lighting helped out.

For this look I used Glory, Undone and Slow dive blended together, Baby doll, then Supernova. And finally Melody on my cheeks. I was really surprised with how pigmented Melody really was.

IMG_4099 (2)
Decided to use Melody in my crease and blended with Undone.

IMG_4104 (2)

I think I used Melody on cheeks here as well. But I tried it out on my eyes too, along with Undone,Dreamstate and Radiate on my lower lashes. This one was pretty fun.

IMG_4277 (2)
You can really see how bright Ember is.

IMG_4294 (2)

And finally this was the look I wanted to show off Ember with, I used Slow Dive to add contrast, Glory as a transition, Supernova as both a highlighter on my face and brow bone, Radiate around Ember and Dream State in my inner corner. Oh and Melody for blush too. I couldn’t really see Supernova on my face in the pics but it could’ve been my lighting was wrong.

Overall I’m very happy that I have these in my collection. The colors and formulas are solid, and the packaging is really cute. I would definitely recommend if you like pastels or are a fan of Sugarpill .  I’m honestly wondering if there will be more Capsule releases in the future. If so I hope they make a purple capsule or green, as I think those would be really fun to have around too.  I’ll probably have the Orange Capsule review next week sometime . Plot Twist , I really like that one too:)




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    1. Its definitely a fun palette to play around . I should have the second review up for the Orange Capsule sometime . I had all my pictures on my camera and I finally loaded them up to my laptop . So soon ! You may like the C2 as well.

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