UPDATE: #BlackOutTuesday Uncovered to be a Form of Digital Suppression by Activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham — Diva Chronicles Magazine

This morning waves of people on Instagram posted blacked out photos on their feeds. Activist, Brittany Packnett Cunnigham, quickly expressed how she had her suspicions. As it turns out she was right. She posted this video on her Instagram to explain which campaign was read and which was not. Thank you Brittany for uncovering this! […]

via UPDATE: #BlackOutTuesday Uncovered to be a Form of Digital Suppression by Activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham — Diva Chronicles Magazine

So I reshared this . I think its legit and understand the need to still have dialogue on Social Media about racism , support for the protests and why the support of the protests matter . I’m in a wierd way , I still have some friends on my personal FB  that just don’t understand . They think its just chaos for chaos sake . But its so much more . We as a nation and even on a world wide  level have to stop the senseless killing of black lives . This is not just America’s fight but also people in Brazil that are dealing with similar plights . Please keep these people in your thoughts and if you have family or friends try to talk to them . I had to explain to family living in Mexico just exactly what is going on and why there is so much outrage . I had to tell my cousin how not even Mexican Americans or latinos are immune . Even if it doesn’t affect you , and you think you live in a nice place , you should care about your neighbor , people you may never meet or people you may pass on the street . I’m certainly impressed that other countries are taking notice and supporting the protests as well .

For people taking part in protests , please stay safe, do a buddy system , bring water , and look out for your fellow people . Be aware of people trying to make you look bad and always look out  for suspicious activity .  America needs you and I support you with all my heart🖤


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