Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch Review

Alrighty ! Today is a special review , my fiance’s little sister really wanted a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing on. And due to reasons Nintendo Switch’s are a little scarce in the USA. Or at least the big Switch’s are, The Lites are still out there but are still kind of rare in my area. She had her heart set on the limited Edition Animal Crossing Edition , but they were all sold out online (Amazon, Gamestop, NewEgg ect). So she settled a normal Switch but they were sold out of those too. So my Fiance’ and I kept looking online, on Ebay, ect. And some of the prices were insane! $800 and up . That’s pretty steep for a console that used to only cost $300. But we kept looking and decided to look internationally as some countries still had Nintendo Switch’s. And finally !




I love the pastel mint and baby blue joycons.

So I know I took a ton of pictures , but it’s a  pretty cool looking console.  We were lucky enough to find this on Ebay, a game store in the UK had this listed, The only drawback was that the power cord that came with this couldn’t be used with American wall outlets. It was one of those UK Ac power cords, but we were able to get one that would work from Target. Otherwise everything was in pristine condition. All the joys cons were there along with the special joycon straps that match the colors. There was also a  digital download for Animal Crossing New Horizons too. I’ll talk a bit more on that at the end of the review.



One of the coolest parts of the Switch set is the Switch docking station. Its pure white with artwork of Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy. It looks great with pastel joycons. Oh and I forgot to mention the joycons themselves are actually an eggshell white on the other side. Overall I think this may be one of the nicest color sets of joycons I’ve seen. I was a little envious of my little sis ( I call her my sis too) to be honest, I just have the red and blue Switch. But she was super excited and happy to own this. She even said I could write this review too. After we set up her Nintendo account and got her online we ran into a problem with the game download. Oh no I was thinking, was the code bad? But apparently if you buy game download from another country you have to redeem it in that country’s Nintendo store. The Switch itself isn’t region locked though. So to get around this we had to make another  Nintendo account with the region changed to UK. It was a little confusing at first and we had to look online to see exactly how to do this. But it did work, and the game was successfully downloaded. Of course she did have to add both her UK account and her normal US account to our family account and swap accounts when she wanted to play her game. Yeah I know a little odd, but this is how Nintendo shops are set up.

As for the battery and clock speed this is definitely a step up from the older Nintendo Switch models.  The battery lasts alot longer and it seems to load games ab it faster.My sis plays this system every day both docked and in portable mode. She’s had it for almost 2 weeks and hasn’t had any problems so I say it was worth it. I think any advice I have for those wanting to buy online would be to check the sellers feedback, use Paypal, and definitely ask questions. Plus international buyers getting a switch from another country, you may have to buy another power cable for your wall outlet. And for game downloads check which region you need for the eshop. Well have a nice week and stay safe.





4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch Review

  1. We haven’t gotten this version yet because from where we are, the scalpers have hoarded the items and sell it sooooo expensively vs. the already expensive original pricing… so jealous! Yours is too cute!!! ❤

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