New makeup bag ! Dobermans and flowers

So I was on Amazon early in the morning and bored , and I typed in Doberman to see what cute things would pop up . And I found it ! A new makeup bag with Doberman Pinschers and flowers 😍I knew I had to order it since my best buddy is a Doberman , and he totally likes flowers . Well actually he prefers fruit and sometimes the whipped topping off my frappé but flowers definitely go with his aesthetic.  So here it is :

IMG_4121 (2)
These are actually pretty realistic looking.
closer pic of the design. It’s a little fuzzy on the print but still cute.
IMG_4128 (2)
It’s a bit smaller than my Alpaca bag but can still hold some lipsticks , eyeliners and a blush.

Overall I thought this bag was really cute, its made of a pleather and the print is a bit fuzzy up close. But I like the novelty of having a makeup bag with Doberman Pinschers. There are other bags with a similar print and other dog breeds like chihuahua, pugs, boston terriers but… Dobermans are the best.

This post might be a bit biased.


12 thoughts on “New makeup bag ! Dobermans and flowers

  1. Love this (and your best friend is a handsome boy!), we’ve all done that search on Amazon that leads to some fun purchases, and sometimes those seemingly oddball buys actually become quite treasured possessions (I have a Jade Roller that fits that description).
    Thanks for liking my post – That’s what I popped over here to say, but I got a little side tracked 🤣 – enjoyed reading that, you’ve obviously got a good sense of humour cos it’s apparent in your writing.

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