Beauty News : Urban Decay makes a Naked Purple palette

Yup you read that right . Urban Decay is releasing a purple palette in their Naked Line , its called Naked Ultraviolet. I’m pretty interested in how this performs . Earlier this spring I really wanted the Wired palette, but the repeat of shades I own plus the less than stellar reviews of the quality had me reconsider. But I’ve heard good things about the Naked line , with the worst being the shades are just too safe. I skipped out on Cherry and Honey as I didn’t think I would really reach for those shades . But this Ultraviolet palette has me interested. I saw this on Trendmood and Temptalia’s page . I checked UD’s site and IG account but no official dates have been made for the release yet . I imagine this will be out later this year.

The shades I really want are Cyberpunk , Lucid( ethereal transformer) , Euphoric and Warning . It looks like they added in some warmer shades on the other side , they look nice but it would’ve been cool to add a few greys or taups to have a neat cool purple eye look. But aside from that I think if this performs well and gets nice reviews this could very well be a nice everyday palette for me .

So what do you guys think ? I honestly was surprised they didn’t have a full purple palette sooner as Urban Decay used to be famous for their purple shadows . Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing this reviewed.


22 thoughts on “Beauty News : Urban Decay makes a Naked Purple palette

  1. Wow I didn’t know about this! I have really dark hazel eyes and I’m always looking for shades of purple to bring the green out. I also skipped the Cherry and Honey palettes because I don’t think I’d ever wear those shades. This one looks really interesting, though! Can’t wait to see a closer view.

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    1. I really want this palette to be good quality, So I can’t wait for it to be released. It sounds like this palette would be great for you 💕I honestly like mixing neutrals ( usually cool taups or greys) with purples . It was my favorite way to be neutral.Plus I used to have violet or Turqouise hair , so it went with my look.

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      1. Yep, I think cools go better with purples, so we’ll see how this one works out. I have Naked 3, and it’s decent quality, but sooo boring! I don’t have a lot of patience for neutral palettes, I need at least a few pops of color. 🙂

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      2. Same here . I have been looking at some promo pics online and these maybe more peachy than true orange which I think would work better , but we’ll see . And totally agree with cools ☺️


    1. Its definitely added to my wishlist . I remember you had at least one Naked palette , which one was it ? How is the formula, I never got “Naked”(sorry terrible pun😂) because they were mainly neutrals, as I liked UD’s more colorful palettes. But all my friends loved them and I had to admit Cherry and Honey were actually kind of cool .

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      1. I had the naked 1 2 and 3 but I purged them from my collection. I only own the Born to Run and the Naked Ultimate Basics now. Those 2 a pretty good but the 1 2 and 3 just weren’t as good as most of mt other Neutral palettes so they had to go. But I love how beautiful their more vibrant color shadows are so I’m will to take a gamble that this palette will be great

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      2. Yes for me the only UD palettes I own are the more colorful or dramatic colors , so Elements, Electric and I think one subway token from the past . I really hope that formulu for this one is good . I love purples in general .

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      3. A Naked Blue would be pretty interesting honestly . Although I know theres Jeffrees Blue palette , Makeup Revolution does make a dupe for it though. And I hear good things about Colourpop’s Blue Moon palette too

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  2. I am super excited about this palette. It’s really pretty and looks great in the layout they have it in. I doubt I will end up getting it, as a purple lover, I do already have a lot of purples. But if the quality is particularly good, I might.

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  3. Did you end up getting this palette? I love purple eyeshadows but I’m not very sure about the colour selection in the palette. I love the purple side and the look of Lucid but I’m a little underwhelmed by the neutral side. I guess having the two sides helps with creating different types of combinations so it isn’t completely purple dominated.

    I’ve also read very mixed reviews of the palette. Many reviews seem to say that the shades are beautiful but they are a bit muted and not the most pigmented. Be interesting to know what you think of it if you end up getting it.

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    1. I have yet to get it and was considering passing on it . I saw the reviews of it on Temptalia and one other beauty blogger and it does indeed seem very muted and some of the neutrals were chalky . Too bad too , as Lucid does look like a fun idea . Maybe I can find a good dupe of it and build my own with the Juvia’s place violets and neutrals minis . I think I would probably be more interested in getting it if I could swatch it in person, but thats impossible at the moment .


      1. I know what you mean, it is hard not being able to see the palette in person and swatch it. I haven’t tried any of Juvia’s Place palettes before but I’ve seen good review of the violet palette.

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