Sugarpill Capsule Haul !

Hey everyone ! I’m pretty excited to announce that my Sugarpill Capsule bundle arrived today! I ordered this last week and its finally here .

My phone’s camera really can’t replicate the colors too well.

So initially I was planning on getting just the Pink Capsule but an Instagram post really made me change my mind. The Orange Capsule is equally beautiful and that dark glittery teal is something  different than my other blues and teals. Its Sugarpill’s answer to a neutral palette , but the colors look great for summer and fall . And the pink palette is just so springy and Sailor Moon-ish . I ordered these from Sugarpill’s website as the Pink Capsule was sold out on Ulta’s website . Plus the bundle was just a better deal too . $75 for both palettes with free shipping as opposed to Ulta, with no free shipping and possibly being $85 . That would be if Ulta had the Pink Capsule to begin with .

So I’ve only opened  up the clear boxes to check out the palettes to make sure there are no broken colors. I would like to take better pictures with my light and camera before I do swatches .  I’m pretty excited to be honest, I can’t wait to see how these perform and swatch . Also the plan is to do  separate reviews for each palette and then I will update on which one I like the best or which perfromed better .





12 thoughts on “Sugarpill Capsule Haul !

  1. Oh, I wait in eager anticipation! I love these palettes. I knew I wouldn’t pick them up, so I am so glad you did and I can live vicariously.

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    1. I had other palettes that I was considering but Sugarpill won out . I’m excited to swatch and play with these . Still want to get the Juvia’s Place Wahala palette when or if it will be restocked.


    1. They have a good weight to them too . If I wasn’t out running errands I would be swatching them today 😂 The Teal in the orange capsule is so pretty in real life . As are the green and shimmer colors in the Pink Capsule.

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