Beauty News time !Juvia’s Place sold out of the Limited Edition Wahala palette!


I just saw this online and was ready to spontaneously buy ! But Wahala palette is sold out ! Holy cow this palette was only out for not even a week and its completely gone , I’m actually pretty shocked . But I mean the Juvia’s Place Mini’s sell out pretty fast too , but according to the Juvia’s Place Instagram , there are no plans to make more of the Wahala palette . Or at least thats what they are saying . Maybe they’ll make another limited run . But lets check exactly why I thought this would be a pretty cool palette to own , in a sea of palettes . According the Juvia’s Place website this is limited edition palette based on the craftmanship of African ceremonial masks. This was a 20 pan palette and I love the mix of duochromes , glitters , pearl shades and mattes.

So for now I’ll just keep checking back to see if they restock , as I really like the color story and theme. It slightly reminds of the Morphe Artist Pass palette but I like the colors better in Wahala. Althought the Artist Pass has the star shaped glitter , for those who are interested .

Well hope everyone has a good Sunday , take it easy . I should have more reviews up , including the Animal Crossing review which I had to revise and add more pics . Its almost ready , as well a brand new palette review , but I’ll keep it a surprise for now . I’ll just let you guys know its a brand new 2020 release .



17 thoughts on “Beauty News time !Juvia’s Place sold out of the Limited Edition Wahala palette!

    1. I really hope they make more ! I will totally grab it ! Juvia’s Place is definitely one of my favorite brands , the color stories are really fun and even the neutrals are a but different than the norm. At the moment I only own two palettes of thiers but I use them quite a bit.


    1. I was pretty sad to see it sold out that fast . I honestly thought only Jeffree Star palettes sold out that fast. The colors look amazing though. If they ever restock it I’m definitely jumping on it .


      1. I keep looking at the pics on Instagram, Its literaly way more interesting than most of the other palettes this year . I feel like I would just go crazy with color and glitter 😂😂


  1. I had no clue this was limited edition! What’s so crazy to me is that so many brands are running crazy sales since sales are down, yet so many new releases are selling out quicker than they normally do!

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    1. I honestly have no idea why , I was really surprised it sold out that fast . I literally heard about in one day and went to add it to my cart and it was gone lol . I wonder if it has to do with staying home , maybe people are wanting to buy more adventurous makeup to cure boredom.


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