Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Vertigo

IMG_3808 (2)
Trying to wear all the birthday products, Milk tattoo, Milk Makeup Kush mascara, Nudestix Tint in Nude 2 and Nude 4.

So this was actually one of my Birthday gifts , but it took a while to get here along with a few of my other things. No biggie really as I have been sucked into the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons .

This is totally normal !

But I still want to take care of my blog and post , plus new show off this really cool liquid lipstick . And Vertigo is such a cool color . Sadly I wasn’t able to capture the blue sparkles, they mainly show up when some of the lipstick smudges or fades . But I was still really impressed with the formula and color . So lets check it out.


IMG_3796 (2)
My apologies the sparkles are not visible in this pic. but  when I wiped it off they were totally there.

First of all the packaging is very simple and the tube reminds me of Jeffree Star’s liquid Velours . The formula is very similar as well , but with a nice scent of lemonade. The swatch on my arm sadly didn’t capture the beautiful sparkles , but you can kind of see them in the lip pictures. It does dry down fairly fast and the doe foot applictor is good for precise lines . Now with all liquid lipsticks I usually try to put a balm first and then apply . But even with that technique , my lips are still a bit dry from the weather and ac . Its been pretty hot out here lately and super dry. The first day I used this lipstick it didn’t show my lip lines that much . But today with the AC and dry weather they were a bit dry . I still like the formula anyway , and its probably one of the better liquid lipstick formulas . Honestly its on par with Jeffree Star lipsticks . I would definitely try out a few of the other colors .

IMG_3805 (2)
You can kind of see the sparkles on the edge of my lips.

IMG_3820 (3)

Overall I really Liked this formula and will definitely be trying out some more Sugarpill products in the  future. This year I see myself buying more from Indie companies as opposed to more mainstream brands. Not to say I don’t like brands like Urban Decay , Too Faced , or other but they haven’t really wowed me with recent releases. Oh and before I forget.

Bonus Mini Review: For my pictures above I decided to test out the Nudestix sample that came with my Sephora package.  I used all of the colors which were Nude 2 , Nude 4 and the darker Nude 7. Nude 4 I believe was closer to my actual skin tone, where as 2 and 7, I mixed.  I used these shades mainly to conceal a bit of redness on my face and I was impressed with how nice these applied with my concealer brush. they were not greasy or oily , but also not overly drying. I used a powder foundation over the Nudestix and I really like how it felt on my face. plus I didn’t have any breakouts which I can be sensitive to. I think this is a product that I would actually purchase and use. And I didn’t really see any oxidation either , which can sometimes make me look orangey lol. I’m not sure as to the other shades or how good they would be for extremley lighter or darker tones , and the pack said it was available in 14 shades. So hopefully they plan on releasing more shades for everyone soon.

Well that’s all for today , Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Have a good Sunday everyone.



8 thoughts on “Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Vertigo

  1. It looks great, I love it! Also, since you pointed out the blue sparkles, when I look close I can see them a bit. I am glad you mentioned them.

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    1. They’re more noticeable when you kind of smear the lipstick , before it drys . But yeah it’s such a cool color . I want to try out Trinket next which is like a nude with peach sparkles .

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ! I would definitely recommend this . I bought this one on Amazon , but I think Sugarpill may have this on sale or at least in a bundle . They have some other neat colors too .

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