My mini Birthday haul !

Thought I would post my little mini haul . My b-day was actually last Easter but I was given a few gift cards and these are some of the things I bought . My biggest gift though was probably the Animal Crossing download . It was sold out in most stores , so I’m a little sad that I don’t have a physical game case to show off . But I still love playing the game .

I always wake up my villagers late at night for a ceremony  of some kind.

As for beauty related gifts, these are some of the things I picked out. They took a while to get here as online shopping is the only way to go but here they are.

So far my favorite of the foundation samples is the Nudestix.

So I have two foundation samples, these I mainly use as concealers under my powder foundation, and the Starlit Stamp was a cool find last time I had to run to Target. The Milk stamp I need to write a proper review, but I really love it and it is quite a bit different from the Starlit Studio stamp. And I decided on the Milk makeup set as the birthday freebie , since I really never tried too much from this brand, that will also have a separate review too. And finally I found SugarPill’s liquid lip color on Amazon and really loved the shade Vertigo online. This lipstick is definitely one of my favorites , and the nice dark greyish purple is amazing.

Well that’s it for my little mini haul, I still have reviews coming up and I do plan on writing my first game review. I’m considering starting my own Twitch channel to play casual games and talk makeup, review products etc. I do occasionally stream on my fiance’s channel which can be a bit chaotic , so I’m getting the feel for it and how the whole Twitch streaming thing is. I seem to think that would be a better platform me vs say Youtube as I can interact with an audience in real time.  So let me know what you thing, have any of you guys done a Twitch stream? Instagram live story or Youtube channel?

11 thoughts on “My mini Birthday haul !

    1. Yeah I want to use a few of my screen shots , but I have to swap over the pics from my Switch to the laptop . Its a very cute game though, but I do keep missing the Turnip seller 😢

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      1. But on better news I do seem to catch all the other vendors though . I’m always buying rugs , wallpapers ,and shrubs . Currently I’m trying to get some new flower varieties.

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