Starlit Studio Ink Me Tattoo Stamp+Liner Star Review

IMG_3712 (2)

So I’m back! I’ve ran low on foundation and just didn’t want to go out due to this whole covid-19 thing, plus my birthday came up and my fiance’ gifted me Animal Crossing. So makeup and reviews have kind of been put to the side. Today I finally braved outside my house and went to the neighborhood Target to pick up more Neutrogena Foundation, and I found this.  On Monday I had ordered a Milk Makeup Heart stamp to see if that would work better than those atrocious things from Amazon. You can read that review here

So back to the subject I wanted to try out the Star, as I had already ordered a Heart, and I’ve noticed most Moon stamps seem to be patchy at best , even the Milk brand’s moons are weird. This is the first product that I’ve tried from Starlit Studio , plus there’s a liner on the other side as well. The packaging kind of reminds me of pictures of the Milk Makeup’s white and silver tubes.  And $4 didn’t sound too bad . Alrighty lets check this out.

IMG_3714 (2)


IMG_3716 (2)
Its pretty patchy on my hand, and it washed off with water easily.

The stamp itself is better than the ones from Amazon, but still pretty patchy, there’s no smell to the actual ink. The liner I used in my eyelook  and I had to go over my eyes a few times to really get a bold look. The star stamp worked a bit better on my eye area and brow though. I did do a test to pat one of the stars and noticed it did slightly transfer to my finger, and the stars on my hand washed off super easy with just water. So I would not recommend for the beach, pool or mermaid performers, as I could see this running pretty bad. But it does work for well for just staying in and taking pics for Instagram. I could definitely see using these for quick snaps, Tik Tok ect.  I’m curious as to how the Milk Makeup one will hold up , since it’s on the way but you know, shipping has been pretty slow with everything going on.

IMG_3723 (2)
A few stars didn’t stamp out as well but I’ll show both sides as well.
IMG_3728 (2)
Even though some of these stars came out patchier I like this side the best .

So for my eyelook I wanted to be a bit more experimental with colors. my inspiration was honestly the weird colors of galaxies, nebulas and cosmic stuff in National Geographic magazines. Also I wanted to use colors that are a bit more unusual than the normal spacy purples, pinks and blues.  I used Nyx white shadow base, Chocolate Bon Bons palette with the shades Cashew Chew, Pecan Praline, in my brow and crease area, and also Divinity on my brow. Then Urban Decay’s Element’s palette, with the shades Sapphire Dream, blended that into my crease, and added Earl Grey from the Bon Bon’s palette. It looked quite strange so I added the yellow shade from Juvia’s Place Zulu palette. I blended the yellow into Sapphire Dream and part of my upper brow. Then back to UD Elements , I used the deep rust/red color, Firestarter in my V and blended that into Earl Grey. Afterwards I dabbed the white base color on my lid, and used the peach/coral duochrome from The Zulu. This was still strange to me so I added Satin sheets from Bon Bons in my inner corner. and to really top it off I used Unicorn Tears from the Too Faced Festival palette on top of the Zulu duochrome. Then used the Starlit liner. Its honestly not the best liner, and had to be reapplied a few times. Plus its a bit dry looking on the eye. And finally the Stars were added. I wanted to just do one star per side but thought hey might as well finish the nebula look with multiple stars.

IMG_3729 (2)
My hair is so faded but my color is all sold out:(

As you can see the stars look so much nicer from far away. You can’t really notice the patchiness as much.

IMG_3738 (2)
Hair down so you can see my stars better.

IMG_3739 (2)

I can’t say this was the best product, but I think it looks nice for pictures and its only $4.So definitely cheaper than Milk Makeup and preforms better than what you can get on Amazon(which were pretty sketchy). This product is not tested on animals and is pretty gentle on my eyes, plus it removes easily for those that don’t want any staining on their face. But the patchiness is annoying, and the liner part is pretty much mediocre, as well as not waterproof at all. I would do test stamps on your arms first to get a feel for how to stamp, and sometimes you still need to go over what you stamped. I’ll continue to use this product to see how long it lasts before the stamp runs out of ink, and see how it compares to the Milk Stamp that’s on the way. Well have a good week everyone ! And stay safe.



8 thoughts on “Starlit Studio Ink Me Tattoo Stamp+Liner Star Review

    1. I would say its worth it . They had a few other shapes too . I know I saw a heart , moon and and it think a peace sign but maybe it was something else . I have one person in my friend’s list who does mermaid swims with the fancy tails . Its her hobby , and she likes to do makeup , mostly water proof lol . And thanks .

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