Beachy look

I’ve been pretty bad with updating my blog recently, I take pics and forget to upload. Plus waiting on the mail for certain things to come in the mail. But I wanted to share this look I was playing around with when my hair was super faded.  I didn’t really know what to title this as so I went with Beachy.

Products I used were :

  • Nyx white eye shadow base.
  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Urban Decay Electric palette ,color used was Jilted (the fuscia with blue shift)
  • Lioness (plummy brown shade) from Urban Decay Elements palette, along with the shade Luna( white sparkly topper).
  •  Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette with the shade Boudeux( reddish matte brown) and Divinity on the brow.
  • Too Faced Life’s a Festival palette  , the shade used was the shimmery teal Dusk Teal Dawn.
  • Starlit Studio Ink Me Tattoo Star Stamp.
  • Revlon Volume+Length Mascara.
  • Neutrogena Nude 40 powder foundation.
  • Bite Beauty Chai lipstick mixed with Sephora Serenity lipstick


IMG_3750 (2)
There was some glitter fallout with Luna but thats okay

I prepped my eyes as usual with Nyx shadow base. And I honestly worked this look around the color Jilted from UD Electric. I’m still in the process of trying to pan this palette , but I seem to be panning my Too Faced palettes instead. Afterwards I had the idea of working Lioness into corner of my eye. This is by far  one of my favorite shades in UD Element’s Palette, but it just wasn’t quite dark enough, so I used Bordeux from the Chocolate Bon Bon’s .Afterwards I dabbed some more of the white base to sort of cut the crease. Honestly I’m not sure this even counts as a cut crease. And finally I had to choose exactly which color I wanted on my lid , but I went with Dusk Teal dawn and Luna . I’m really happy how these looked with the other colors. The finished up with star stamp, mascara, foundation and lipstick.

IMG_3775 (2)
Even though my hair was super faded it kind of goes with the eyes.

So hope everyone is having a good week, and doing the best considering the circumstances. I have a few more things to actually post up , including some things I got for my birthday, it was earlier in the month but the mail has been pretty slow . So my things got here just this week. Otherwise I spend most of my time hanging out with my Fiance’ , my dogs and playing Animal Crossing. I’m pretty  obsessed with this game at the moment , and having been visiting my friend’s online islands and hanging out. Who knows I may even post up a review of Animal Crossing too. Well stay safe everyone, have a good week too:)


9 thoughts on “Beachy look

  1. Love the look! I think it totally goes with your hair (in my opinion does not look that faded at all)!! Random question, how long do you keep your eyeshadows? I have a few older ones I still use 😖😂 Also, I would so be interested in an Animal Crossing review! 🥰💓

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    1. I have had the Electric palette since 2015 but I keep it dry and always clean my brushes . But for me the rule of thumb is to always check powders and if they look off or smell wierd to toss them . I know some people toss palettes after two years but I still keep a few of mine like the Electric palette . And yeah I definitely will try to write a review and post some screen shots

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