Robot Unicorn Attack eye look !


So today I finally perfected my Robot Unicorn look , I had been playing around with a silver and colorful look for a while . But it always came out looking a bit odd , till today .   I used at least 4 different palettes for this look . Here’s my product list :

  • Sugarpill Funsize Palette , shades used were Game Over, (bright red) Rage Quit(megenta),Level Up (bright pink),Player One (lilac),8 Bit (periwinkle),Cheat Code (pastel turqouise), Twitch(pastel lime),High Score (orange juice color).
  • Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise palette , shades used were Macaw ( cyan blue),Island (light lavender),Adventure(bright purple),and Canary (bright yellow).
  • Juvia’s Place The Douce palette , shades used were , Mont Blanc( pewter silver) and Berry Mousse( neutral sandy shade).
  • Urban Decay Electric palette , I used the silver glitter shade Revolt.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Sugar Violet.
  • Too Faced Damn Girl ! mascara.
  • Nyx Eyeshadow base in white.
  • Nyx Epic Ink Liner
  • Neutrogena powder foundation in Nude 40


IMG_3695 (2)
My fringe was really sticking up due to the braids I slept in.
480x360bb (2)
The Original Robot Unicorn Attack game complete with cyber dolphins.

So for this look , I tried to use the Robot Unicorn from the second Robot Unicorn Attack ! mobile game . I tried to snap a screen shot with my phone at the right time as the Unicorn’s mane changes colors . The game is an endless runner style  , so you have to direct your unicorn over obstacles , avoid crashing into pillars , and collect unicorn tears and fairies . Its pretty addicting and I have all 3 games on my phone as well as the the christmas and heavy metal editions.  So back to the makeup look , I tried going with the mane’s rainbow colors around my crease and brow as well as the bottom of lids , and the silver “robot” shades in the middle of my lid. I started out with my white base , and applied the colors with my pigment brush. I started out near my V and outer corner first with Game Over , Rage Quit, Level Up , Player One. Then switched out to my Bird Of Paradise palette and blended Player One with Island, and Adventure , to get a nicer purple . Afterwards I used 8 Bit , and Macaw , blending those together with Cheat Code to get a nice blue gradient. Then patting in Twitch . Afterwards I was debating repeating these colors on my lower lids , but decided against it . I used High Score and Canary though ,but I wished Canary( the bright yellow) showed up a bit brighter though. Then I used a flat brush to apply a bit of the white shadow base on my lids , leaving the bright red in my V . I applied Mont Blanc in the middle of my lid and blending in Revolt closer to the inner corners. I then used Berry Mousse in my brow and a fluffy brush to blend out some of the colors. And finally finishing up with a liner, mascara , foundation and some gloss.

IMG_3675 (2)

IMG_3684 (2)


Finally I have my look complete ! This was one really fun to do , but took a while to get all the colors to blend into each other . I decided to use the mostly more muted colors from SugarPill as they seemed to look nicer with the silvers . Before I got The Douce , I tried this out with just Revolt but it didn’t look quite right . I like how Mont Blanc is a bit of a warmer silver/pewter and I think grounds the other colors a bit better . Its the perfect “Robot” shade! Well that’s it for today, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Its still pretty crazy out there in the world ,so take care and stay strong.




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    1. Oh yes I’m doing alright .Thanks for asking , I’ve been keeping busy playing some games , I just got Animal Crossing for my birthday so most of my time has been spent playing that . Thanks For checking on me though ☺️I should start posting later this month . I still have a few reviews to do .

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