Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette Review

IMG_3159 (2)

So I’ve been eyeing this palette for a while , I would stick it in my cart and then forget about it . Finally during an Amazon clothing haul I decided to go ahead and order it . Usually I would just order through the company website but I had a gift card. And now it finally has arrived , and I’m impressed with how nice the shimmers are . A few are almost holographic looking . Lets check out the packaging and swatches.


IMG_3161 (2)

IMG_3166 (2)
These colors are so amazing in person. personal faves are Mont Blanc,Macarons,Puffs, Custard and Creme.
  • Chocolat: is a deep matte dark mocha.
  • Tart: a beautiful icy unicorn white shimmer with some pink shift.
  • Creme a nice pale matte coral color.
  • Macarons: sugary Mint shimmer, I used to have an Essence single that I loved that was this color.
  • Custard: A matte almost neon Orchid color. Its like Alpha Doll but in eyeshadow form.
  • Puffs: an irridescent pink shimmer. It reminds me of Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears.
  • Berry Mousse: A color that blends into my skin , no kiddding its a matte sandyish color.
  • Mont Blanc: A futuristic graphite shimmer. I love this color, it looks awesome!
  • Crepes: A matte coral/peach color. It reminds of the pink sand dunes honestly.

IMG_3168 (2)

    • Berry Mousse blended into my skin but its between Puffs and Mont Blanc.

So aside from Berry Mousse being about the same color as my skin , the colors all showed up really nice. I mainly use Berry Mousse as a brow shade any way but I could see using it for maybe a neutral look with a few of the other colors. The other shades showed up really nice and the metallics were great over a tacky base .I didn’t have any problems blending any of the colors or issues with patchiness. Well aside from Chocolat which sometimes need a bit more blending time.But it was nothing too bad. I can see using The Douce with a few of my other palettes , such as the Chocolate Bon Bons, Life’s a Festival and Sugar Pill Funsize .

And finally some looks :

Unicorn Dulce  Look

IMG_3370 (2)
This is my favorite look for the palette
IMG_3391 (2)
It paired well with Fenty’s Alpha Doll

IMG_3384 (2)


So this was one was one of my favorites, I wore this out to meet some friends , and just loved how springy this was. I’ve been wanting a new pastel mint color along with the pink shimmer puffs. I looked into the new Huda Pastel mini palettes, the mint and the lilac. They really tempted me but I read so many online reviews about how pale they were. So I think this is a nice substitute for the pastel,shimmer look. The shadows I used were Creme’ and a bit of Crepes in my crease, Berry Mousse in the brow, and then I used the Nyx shadow base to kind of cute the crease and make a wing. I used Custard, Macarons,and Puffs on my lid, and repeated these colors on my lower lid as well. Also I remembered I used Tart in the inner corner of my eye as well. These pictures were taken a week or two ago.

Peaches and Cream look

IMG_3625 (2)
These I guess are more like coral sand colors but lets go with a dessert theme
IMG_3645 (2)
Bleached my roots and redyed the color, its more bubblegum than true neon. Also I love this Invader Zim shirt lol

IMG_3644 (2)

So for this look I decided to use Berry Mousse on my brows, Crepes in my crease, which I tried to blend out, and Chocolat in my V to deepen the crease a bit. Afterwards I used my Nyx white base on my lid. Then I applied Creme and Tart to my lid. Its a really simple look but I thought it paired well with Fenty’s Purpsicle lipstick. I used to have a Hard Candy Peach palette that I think was supposed to dupe the Too Faced’s Sweet Peach, and I used the colors in a similar way. What I like the best about this palette is it does have peach/coral colors that don’t look too orangy, or pinky.  So on to the next look.

Pan Dulce Look

IMG_3654 (2)
I really like how this one turned out.
IMG_3661 (2)
I forgot to take a closed eye picture, oh well. 

So I really wanted to try out that nice silver Mont Blanc color, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to wear it. And finally I came up with this look based on some Mexican Sweet breads. I used Berry Mousse on my brow, mixed with a bit of Creme, then with a rounded brush I blended in Chocolat in my crease. after some blending I cut the crease a bit ( I’m not even sure its official Cut Crease tbh) with some Nyx white base. afterwards I patted in  Custard in my outer corner near Chocolat. For the middle of my lid I used Mont Blanc, and Tart for the inner corner of my eyes. I repeated the shades on my lower lids , making sure to smoke out my outer corners with Chocolat. I then finished up with mascara, liner and Nyx Marshmallow Butter Gloss.

Last thoughts:

I think overall I really liked the palette ,and it definitely satisfies my need for pastel, mint, and peachy corals. I don’t have too many of these colors in my current makeup collection, as I destashed my Hard Candy peach palette , and my Essence Mint single. Plus I feel like this palette plays nicely with my Life’s A Festival ,Sugar Pill Funsize and Chocolate Bon Bon’s palettes. I was still pretty sad to see Huda’s pastel mini’s get some bad reviews, so I’m a bit iffy on buying those. A few of the shades like Tart and Mont Blanc do start to kind of crease after like 9 hours of wear, but I would say a glitter glue helps out with that to keep things in place.  I would recommend this palette for those wanting some  pastel candy looks or even a more adventurous neutral palette.  I do need to try out my  Robot Unicorn  Attack inspired look though. I tried it out using Mont Blanc but I still haven’t perfected it yet.

480x360bb (2)
Coming Soon!




16 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette Review

    1. I think this is definitely a unique color story, and for the price you get alot of product. The only color that didn’t show up the greatest( as it was similar to my skin ) was Berry Mousse.


    1. Thanks ! I would definitely recommend this palette . Its springy yet pigmented . I do plan on getting a few other Juvia’s Place palettes . I like the price and he quality.


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