Simple Lavender Eyelook

So I know I haven’t posted too many eye or reviews this week but its been a slight busy week for me . I had some friend’s visit from out of state and even when I did my makeup I just didn’t have the time to review or post pics of products.But I thought I would share a simple look that I did using The Makeup Revolution  Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise palette. I only used one color which is the lavender shade , Island. Its definately one of my favorite colors from Bird of Paradise. Its can be a bit patchy when blended it out but I really wanted to try a simple shaped/angled eye look. For this look I started out with Nyx eyeshadow base in white. I did not blend the shadow but just drew it on with my Urban Decay pigment brush. I started out at the outer corner so I could have a nice angled look. I contined to pat down the color allover my lid, for the rest of my eye I used Divinity from Chocolate Bon Bons, and finished up with Stila liner. I think my stila liner is on its last days though so I had to go back over it with Nyx Epic liner. and finished up with my Revlon Mascara.

IMG_3496 (2)

IMG_3529 (2)

So yeah sometimes its nice to have a simple solid color look. Wish you guys all a nice weekend and have fun.


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