Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy Moisturizing Conditioner


So this was actually recommended to me by a friend . I initially used this when my hair was platinum blonde last time I bleached my roots . I stopped using it when I dyed my hair pink though. So lets get into why and a bit about this product.

This is my first time using a Big Sexy Hair product, and when I bought this at Ulta they only had the conditioner. As I was platinum blonde and my hair was taking a break , I decided to just not shampoo at all. This way my natural oils could recover and my hair wouldn’t be so dry . This product does have some silicones , which as I’ve said before I’m not super picky about but sometimes silicones plus the added moisturizers can be a bit much . At first I really liked this product, my hair was really soft and moistured . But I did notice after a few weeks it was starting to feel too greasy . Which doesn’t usually happen when I bleach my hair . A few of the other conditioners I’ve used in the past didn’t were not this bad either. So after shampooing one night I just stopped using it and went back to like VO5 style Conditioner to give my hair a break . I tried it out once more after I dyed my hair pink , but the oils in the dye plus this conditioner was really not a good combo.

Overall I would probably not recommend this to someone who has oil issues or gets buildup in your hair . I read the ingredients and a bit about buildup . And I’m honestly wondering if its the type of silicones they used plus all of the soy , argan and coconut oils together . Like all of those things just build up together . I know some types of silicones are water soluble and even can be washed out with coconut based cleaners . But this one jist seems to be too heavy . I think there better conditioners that don’t weigh your hair down too much . Plus I still have this product and it’s honestly just too big . So I may need to declutter some of these hair products soon .


4 thoughts on “Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy Moisturizing Conditioner

  1. In your last post I commented that my daughter is trying the same conditioner you’d just posted about. THIS is the conditioner she decided she did not like. She complains about similar things, in fact, she says it feels like it leaves a film on her hair, or leaves something behind that won’t rinse out. So, now I use it. (My hair is ridiculously short, any film left behind will likely be cut out in 5 weeks, so it’s fine.) I am sad I purchased a liter at the liter sale though, it would be nice to not have quite so much of this hanging around.

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    1. Oh geeze . Its just too much . I normally like products with Argan oil, and coconut oil and it still didn’t work for me . At least you have the short hair . But still its a lot of product to use .


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