I got bored..

This is a follow up to my Lavender eye look from not too long ago. I got bored and decided I would play around with concealer and more colors. All I did was use my Nyx white base and my liner brush to make little random streaks . I wanted to try out some other colors with the lavender Island shade. I used the same Makeup Revolution Bird of Paradise palette, starting with Take Flight ( turqouise shade) along my crease. Then I decided to mix Budgie ( lime color) and Jungle(bright green) under my black liner. I applied the Vacay( the bright pink) above both Island and Take Flight. I tghen went back and started elongating some of the lines and adding a bit of the green in my inner corners. And tada! new eyelook!

IMG_3539 (2)
The Pink line is a bit wider than expected.
IMG_3549 (2)
I think it looks best from further away.

I definately went for dramatic. I think I may play around with similar looks more in the future. Its a bit of an 80’s drama look , like something from the Jem and Holograms cartoon. Well have a great Friday night.




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