Beotua Cool Black Double Headed Stamp Design and Eyliner :Star , Heart and Moon Review

So I’ve been seeing tons of cute little heart and star stamps on Intagram and Tik Tok. I saw these on Amazon and thought it might be a nice alternative to the Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamps . But sadly that was not the case . So lets see how bad these really are.

I honestly didn’t know that these were going to be from China.
The rest of the box is in Chinese with a few words in English . So I don’t have a lot of info about whether this is tested on animals or not . Its all really sketchy to be honest .


So when I ordered these I ordered three a Moon, Star , and Heart .  I read the reviews on Amazon and was hopeful that these were good quality , no one really mentioned in the reviews though just how sketchy these things are though. I didn’t like that the language was most chinese , so I couldn’t read the ingredients, nor if this was cruelty free . Being from China , where animal testing  is legal I doubt they are . Honestly I probably wouldn’t have ordered them if I knew that, I just thought they would be a no name drugstore brand. So now lets go into the actual swatches .

These are so bad ! 

Well that was disappointing . The hearts are very dry , have pretty much no pigment , the moon just doesn’t stamp right and the liner part just looks pretty awful . I didn’t even want to put these on my eyes or face after this . And if you noticed ,  I didn’t even open the other pen , its still sealed . I sent Amazon an email just asking for a refund . These were really bad. I almost wonder if the reviewers on Amazon recieved a different product entirely.  Luckily I didn’t spend too much on them but still I don’t these are worth anyone’s money . After the refund I plan on actually ordering from Milk Makeup’s site for the heart or star.  At least with Milk I know what ingredients are in the stamps and know that they are animal testing free . So till next time , hope you guys have a good night ⭐️ 🌙





12 thoughts on “Beotua Cool Black Double Headed Stamp Design and Eyliner :Star , Heart and Moon Review

    1. I think it depends on a case by case thing . But I would always ask for a refund if its a product that doesn’t perform for you . You can go to orders and do return item for refund . My bf and I order quite a bit of stuff and it really helps . He orders some car parts ect , alot of stuff that is bit too pricey to not get a refund if something doesn’t work . Hope this helps you out . Its super lame to have a product not work whether its makeup , car parts or even just clothes that don’t fit right.


    1. They gave me a credit which I can use on my account . I wasn’t out too much thank goodness. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend these lol . And thanks . I’ll try to have some more reviews up next week. I had to slow down this week since I had company from out of town .

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