Goth Unicorn look🦄 🔮

So today I wanted to redo some of my old makeup looks when I was a teen. I used to wear more goth/emo style eye makeup . Or I tried to, but the starter wet n wild, covergirl palettes were not the best back then. This look is kind of inspired by these old products:my Hot Topic palette, Covergirl Ice Princess palette(cool purples,and icy whites) and a really patchy Hard Candy blackened Purple. Thank goodness makeup quality has gotten better and products are just easier to work with . I honestly wanted a more gothic look but it also verged on Unicorn so I just decided to go with it and add a duochrome topper to my grey lipstick as well.

Products used:

  • Urban Decay purple shade Urban.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons ; shades used are Almond Truffle (neutral tan) , Earl Grey(dark blue/black) ,Black Current(brown with purple shimmer) and Divinity(white).
  • Juvia’s Place The Douce,shades used were Berry Mousse( sandy neutral matte) and Tart(irridescent white with pink shift).
  • Too Faced’s Life’s A Festival in Unicorn Tears (highlighter pink/silver shift)
  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Covergirl mascara
  • Nyx eyeshadow primer in white
  • Neutragena powder  foundation in Nude 40
  • Nyx matte lip in Haze
  • Too Faced Melted Matte-Tallic Liquified Lipstick Transformer.
IMG_3345 (2)
I was sad upclose you can’t really see the pink shift.

To start off I used the Nyx white base, then with a fluffy brush used Almond Truffle in my crease. After that was blended I used Urban over Almond Truffle ,and also blended it on my bottom lid.Its a bit hard to see though so I may have blended it too much on my lower lid. Then with another brush I patted Earl Grey into the V of my eye, then using the fluffy brush to blend in Black Current too. Also dabbed a bit more of the white primer over my lid to cover any purple . I originally wanted to use just Berry Mousse since its this nice light matte neutral but it looked too warm for the look I wanted. So after applying Berry Mousse , I grabbed a pigment brush to apply Tart over that color. Later I use a smaller brush to add Unicorn Tears to my inner eye corner and blending it with Tart. I then finished my brow with Divinity, lined my eyes, mascara and finished up with Haze topped with the metalic transformer shade on my lips.

IMG_3340 (2)
Thought I’d wear my old Invader Zim shirt.

Well I was really happy that my current shadows are higher quality dupes for some of my old school shadows. Its really nice to see how far makeup has really progressed in quality and pigmentation. Let me know in the comments how much your makeup has upgraded since you were a teen. Have a nice week everyone 🦄 ✨


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