Quick purple and pink look

Yay mirror filter !

So today I wanted to try out some looks that I saw online inspired by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy palette . I don’t own the palette but I thought I could at least attempt some of the color stories I had been seeing online. So this is a quick little post about the colors I used.

My phone camera doesn’t take the best pics

So to start out with I prepped with Nyx white shadow base . Then used a fluffy brush to apply Savage( hot pink from UD Electric) around my eyes , I even applied Savage on the bottom of my eyelids too . I was a bit messy with this but I wanted a kind of dramatic look. Afterwards I patted on  the deep purple shade from the Juvia’s Zulu palette . I then applied white shade base on my lid and used the peach coral duochrome from Zulu and Puffs from Juvia’s Douce palette . I then used Tart from The Douce on my brow bone.  I still needed accents so I used a turqouise pencil from Hot Topic on my lower lid’s waterline . It didn’t come out quite as bright as I wanted so it may be time to upgrade to a more vibrant pencil for future looks. I also used Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears on my inner corner to brighten up my eyes . Finished up with Too Faced’s Damn Girl! mascara and used a mix of Nyx’s Butter glosses in Marshmallow and Blueberry Tart.

And finally a better picture !

I want to try this look out again . It didn’t really look quite like my inspiration photos , so I’m not going to post those since I think it looks too different . Also I definitely need a brighter turqouise liner . I currently have my eyes on Vivid from Urban Decay or Fenty’s new Flyliner in Lady Lagoon .  Well thats all for today , hope you all are having a good week and let me know what your favorite bright colored eyeliner formulas are .


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